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Tissue damage is neither necessary nor sufficient for pain. The more we learn about pain the more this becomes apparent, most significantly when we consider the 20% of people for whom quality of life is reduced by a chronic pain problem. I undertake studies that aim to increase our understanding of why things hurt, why things keep hurting and how we can better prevent and manage chronic pain in the community.

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Senior Principal Research Fellow, NeuRA
NHMRC Principal Research Fellow
Professor of Clinical Neurosciences & Foundation Chair in Physiotherapy, University of South Australia
T: +61 8 830 21416

Prof Lorimer Moseley is a clinical scientist investigating pain in humans. Lorimer joined NeuRA from The University of Oxford, UK, where he was Nuffield Medical Research Fellow in the Departments of Clinical Neurology and Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics. In 2011, Lorimer was appointed Prof of Neuroscience and Foundation Chair in Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia, sharing his time between Adelaide and NeuRA, where he remained Group Leader. In 2015, Dr James McAuley took over leadership of what then became ’the McAuley group' and Lorimer maintains a collaborative role as a NeuRA Senior Principal Research Fellow.

Lorimer has published 220 papers, four books and numerous book chapters.

He has given over 150 keynote or invited presentations at interdisciplinary meetings in 30 countries and has provided professional education in pain sciences to over 10,000 medical and health practitioners and public lectures to over 8,000 people in 7 countries.

He won the inaugural Clinical Science award from the International Association for the Study of Pain, the 2013 Marshal & Warren Award from the NHMRC, and was runner-up for the 2012 Australian Science Minister’s Prize for Life Sciences. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists and an Honoured Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. His international honours include special awards from the American Physical Therapy Association, the British Society of Chartered Physiotherapists and The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Professor Moseley’s Adelaide-based research group and the McAuley group form the Body in Mind Research Group.


This NHMRC funded randomized controlled study aims to prevent people with acute low back pain developing chronic low back pain using an optimized pain education approach.


Our NHMRC funded randomized controlled trial for chronic low back pain focuses on normalising sensation from the back.


Many people with low back pain report poor sleep quality. We have found that poor sleep quality is associated with increased next day pain, disability and distress.

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Professor Lorimer Moseley
Senior Principal Research Fellow, NeuRA
NHMRC Principal Research Fellow
T: +61 8 830 21416
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Dr Tasha Stanton
Research Officer, NeuRA
NHMRC Early Career Fellow and Senior Research Fellow, The University of South Australia
T: +612 9399 1273