FRONTIER is investigating the neurological, psychological and biological basis of brain function in frontotemporal dementia and healthy ageing.

Read Muireann Irish and Rebekah Ahmed's piece about living with dementia in The Conversation.

Memory Program Associate Investigator Dr Muireann Irish, was recently awarded the New South Wales Young Tall Poppy Science Award. The awards honour up-and-coming scientists who combine world-class research with a passionate commitment to communicating science.

Dr Fiona Kumfor,was one of five of Australia’s best and brightest dementia researchers who has recently been awarded a Alzheimer's Australia Dementia Research Foundation Full Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr Rebekah Ahmed was awarded the Tow Prize in the Open Junior category for her presentation "Eating behavior and metabolic changes across the spectrum of motor neuron disease and frontotemporal dementia"

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Listen to Professor Hodges and Associate Professor Olivier Piguet discussing dementia, corticobasal syndrome and the ACE Mobile


Professor Hodges' presentation on "Frontotemporal dementia: an overview"

Carers, patients & volunteers

One of the aims of FRONTIER is to provide information and support for patients, carers and their families.

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Younger Onset Dementia (YOD) impacts on thousands of Australians - from the immediate family and friends to those in the community who, often by chance, have to cope with YOD sufferers.

Younger Onset Dementia can begin to affect people in their 40's - in the prime of their lives.

The five-chapter, 33 page online booklet produced by the Neuroscience Research Australia (formerly Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute (POWMRI), is based on 20 years of research and is designed to help those living with or exposed to people showing early onset dementia signs as well as those confirmed to already have symptoms.

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