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Professor John Hodges

10 July, 2014 Ep. 1: Prof John Hodges talks about the ACEmobile app

NeuRA SoundCloud Podcast

15 July 2014 Ep. 2: Dementia untangled

NeuRA SoundCloud Podcast

Professor Olivier Piguet

Smell and mortality

2 October 2014, 702 ABC Sydney

17 September 2014, Ep. 10: Corticobasal syndrome - Study on rare dementia helps map the emotional brain

NeuRA SoundCloud Podcast

One step closer to an Alzheimer's test

14 July 2014, 4BC News Talk

Dr Muireann Irish

Can people with dementia imagine the future?

19 February, 2014 Podcast on memory and imagination for Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia News

Dr Sharon Savage
Putting lost words back into semantic dementia

30 September, 2014 NeuRA SoundCloud Podcast

Online articles/Internet:

Professor John Hodges
Curiosity puts brain in state to learn

3 October 2014, ABC Science

ACEmobile app
11 July 2014, Insider Media Ltd

App launched to speed up dementia diagnosis

9 July 2014, Alzheimer's Research UK

Dementia patient Christine Bryden continues to baffle doctors 20 years after diagnosis

1 July 2014, ABC News

Dementia patient Christine Bryden's quest to improve care for Australians with the disease

27 June 2014, Sydney Morning Herald National

Dr Lauren Bartley

Explainer: what is Alzheimer’s disease?

2 April 2014,The Conversation,

Professor Olivier Piguet

New Australian study on rare dementia helps map the emotional brain

29 September 2014, Alzheimer's Australia Dementia Research Foundation

Scientists working on brain implant to restore lost memory

10 July 2014, Nine MSN

Dr Muireann Irish

Why do we daydream?

7 May 2014, ABC Health and Wellbeing

Dr Fiona Kumfor

Curiosity Changes The Brain To Enhance Learning

9 October 2014, Asian Scientist

Curiosity In a Person's Brain Creates Desire to Learn and Improves Retention, Study Suggests

3 October 2014, University Herald

Curiosity changes the brain to boost memory and learning

3 October 2014, The Conversation

How Curiosity Improves Memory and a Brain’s Learning Capacity

20 September 2014, Google News Today

The instability of memory: how your brain edits your recollections

5 February 2014, The Conversation

Dr Rebekah Ahmed

Frontotemporal dementia linked to high BMI, carb consumption

24 October 2014, Health e Galaxy


Forget me Not
Christine Bryden
30 June 2014, Australian Story

NeuRA – Blog articles

Dr Muireann Irish

A blood test for dementia

15 February 2014, Article for the NeuRA blog

The Social Brain

16 June 2014, Article for the NeuRA blog