Coverage of our research in national and international media can be found below.

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Radio / Podcast
Dr Muireann Irish
Can people with dementia imagine the future.
Podcast on memory and imagination for Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia News, 19 February 2014

Online articles/Internet:
A blood test for dementia
Article for the NeuRA blog, 14 February 2014

Explainer: what is Alzheimer’s disease?
The Conversation, 2 April 2014

Dr Muireann Irish
The Social Brain
Article for the NeuRA blog, 16 June 2014

Why do we daydream?
ABC Health and Wellbeing, May 2014

Dr Fiona Kumfor

The instability of memory: how your brain edits your recollections
The Conversation, 5 February 2014


Forget me Not
Christine Bryden
Australian Story, 30 June 2014