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In this series, meet the people who make up the NeuRA community - scientists, research participants, families, carers and supporters…

Valerie Ardler Koori Growing Old Well Study

Valerie Ardler is a participant in our Koori Growing Old Well Study

"I offered to help with this study because they need to find out about health and getting older. Otherwise, how are they going to learn, especially about my people?"

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Prof Simon Gandevia NeuRA

Prof Simon Gandevia is investigating how the brain controls breathing

"Breathing to me is the most important function of your muscles, apart from your heart. It has to go all the time, without conscious thought."

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Caidos Sapsford autism and empathy study

Caidos Sapsford is a participant in our empathy study

"I don't mind having Asperger's. Maybe it's good because I think about things that other people don't think of, and I come up with different solutions to problems."

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Pip Kuczerawy frontotemporal dementia

Pip Kuczerawy cared for her mum who had frontotemporal dementia

"My greatest hope is that we will find a cure for this condition so that other people don't feel the heartache that my family and I experienced everyday."

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Dr Tim Karl schizophrenia and cannabis study

Dr Tim Karl is working on the effects of cannabis and schizophrenia

"My work will help develop better treatments for schizophrenia. I have seen first-hand the limited effectiveness of the drugs available to patients."

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In this series, meet the new generation of researchers undertaking their PhD at NeuRA. Explore the diverse and fascinating world of neuroscience through their eyes…

Andy Liang Neura Spinal cord injury research

Mapping the spinal cord highway

Andy Liang is creating a map of the connections between the brain and spinal cord to help us treat spinal cord injury more effectively.

Ben Beck road trauma research at NeuRA

At the scene

Ben Beck is part of a NSW-wide crash investigation to determine how to prevent rear seat fatalities.

Duncan Sinclair schizophrenia and stress research at Neura

Stress management

Duncan Sinclair is investigating how molecular changes in the brain alter the ability of people with schizophrenia to respond to stress.

Luke Partigny and Flavia Di Pietro Chronic pain research at Neura

It’s complicated

Flavia Di Pietro and Luke Parkitny are unravelling the complexity of chronic pain.

Katherine Scarpin Parkinson's disease research at NeuRA

Copper on the brain

Katherine Scarpin is investigating why people with Parkinson’s disease have low levels of copper in their brains.

Sharpley Hsieh Frontotemporal dementia research at Neura

Listen carefully

Sharpley Hsieh is using music and sound to understand the effects of frontotemporal dementia on the brain.

Yash Tiwari Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder research at Neura

Running in your genes

Yash Tiwari is looking for genes that make people susceptible to developing bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Frontotemporal dementia research at Neura

Anne's story

Anne Kuczerawy had just celebrated her 51st birthday when she was given the devastating news that she had frontotemporal dementia (FTD), a progressive, degenerative disease similar to Alzheimer’s.

Damien McDonell Schizophrenia research at Neura

Damien's story

Damien McDonell has schizoaffective disorder and is taking part in a drug trial that NeuRA researchers hope will reduce some of the negative symptoms of the disorder.

Parkinson's disease research at Neura

Detecting disease early

We believe we’re one step closer to detecting Parkinson’s disease earlier and faster than ever. Our idea doesn’t involve looking at your brain – we’re looking for clues in your blood.

road trauma and child injury research at Neura

Isabelle's story

After Isabelle died in a low impact car crash, her parents worked with NeuRA researchers to change child car restraint laws.

Pam Angus Lappan Fall research at Neura

Pam's story

Pam Angus Lappan has been having a boogie in the name of science, trying out a new dance mat designed to help older people decrease their risk of falling.

Chronic pain research at Neura

Trick your brain into feeling less pain

Dr Lorimer Moseley has run a series of unusual experiments aimed at tackling pain, involving a pair of binoculars.

Jan Woodmore Frontotemporal dementia research at Neuroscience Research Australia

Jan's story

Jan Woodmore's husband Richard has younger onset dementia, and initially found it very difficult to find support.