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November - Dr Liz de Rome speaks about motorcycle protective clothing with Illawarra Mercury

November - Prof Peter Schofield appeared on Channel Seven talking about dementia

November - Prof Peter Schofield quoted in The Sunday Telegraph to launch Remember December

November  - Dr Lee Walsh talks to David Murray from the ABC's 'In the lab' radio series about proprioception and phantom limbs.

November  - Dr Fiona Kumfor talks on ABC radio Adelaide about memory loss.

October  - NeuRA's Dr James Burrell comments on a study from the US about chocolate and brain health, watch the SBS story.

October -  Prof.  Rob Herbert talk to ABC Science about stretching before and after exercise. 

October -  Prof.  Jacqueline Close featured in International Innovation for her work on hip fracture and cognitive function.

October -  Prof Rhoshel Lenroot spoke to ABC 702 evenings, during mental health week. Listen here via the NeuRA soundcloud page.

October -  Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert spoke to the ABC's All in the Mind about schizophrenia.

October - Sharon Savage spoke on Eastside radio about semantic dementia.

October - A/ Prof Oliver Piguet talk with Richard Glover on ABC 702 about the sense of smell.

October - Dr Kim Delbaere talks to Medical Express about depression and hop fracture.

October 12 - Dr Liz de Rome spoke on Eastside radio about motorcyle protective clothing.

September 3  - Prof Rhosel Lenroot is leading a study that is using eye contact to better understand aggression in teenage boys as explained in MedicalXpress.

August 15 - Prof Peter Schofield talks to Men's Health Magazine about treating depression.

July 18  - Assoc Prof Olivier Piguet spoke to 4BC weekend breakfast about how far off we are to an acurate blood test to diagnose dementia. 

July 7  - Prof John Hodges launched the ACEmobile app in July. The story featured on various sites including Choice on-line, Seven and Medical Express. 

30 May 2014 | Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert spoke with the ABC's Conversations with Richard Fidler on her research into new treatments for schizophrenia.

Cyndi's twin brother, Scott, was diagnosed with schizophrenia when they were teenagers. She now credits the insights she gained from her brother's illness with informing and driving her research.
In recent years, Cyndi and her team have identified potential causes for the illness, including 'broken' oestrogen receptors within molecules.
Further trials are underway for a treatment they've developed which is showing potential for great improvements in the cognition of schizophrenic patients.

April 2 - Lauren Bartley and Yue Huang wrote a piece explaining Alzheimer's for The Conversation 

Feb 18 - Rebecca Mitchell made world news with her study about fall rates and obesity

Jan 13 - Professor Rhoshel Lentroot talk to NineMSN about how much television children should watch

Jan 6  -  Dr James McAuely and PHD student Flavia Di Pietro wrote a pice for The Conversation  about where pain sits in the brain 

Dec 27 -  The Sydney Morning Herald covered our 'bringing up the rear' seminar 

Dec 4 - Professor Lynne Bilston joined Natasha Mitchell on ABC Radio National's Life Matters to talk about car seat safety

November 1 - The Sydney Morning Herald visited NeuRA to find out about the future of Parkinson's diagnosis.  

October 14 - Dr Norman Swan interviewed Dr Danny Eckert on The Health Report about his paper identifying risk factors for sleep apnoea. 

October 31  - ABC online's health site The Pulse, chat to Professor Lynne Bilston about  keeping kids safe in cars

October 25  - Hear Dr Muireann Irish talk to ABC Melbourne 774 presenter Libbi Gore about why we need to daydream

October 25  - Dr Muireann Irish wrote a piece in The Conversation about 'Daydreaming' and the memory network 

October 24  - Professor Lynne Bilston talks about the new car restraint guidlines on The World Today 

October 1 - Professor Simon Gandevia explains on the ABC how he and his team managed to trick the brain 


15 August  2013 | Is there a difference between a man and a woman's brain? | Dr Cindy Shin-Yi Lin answers the question with CLEO magazine - Read her thoughts here 

21 August 2013 | Professor Tony Broe on SBS Insight

17 July 2013 | A world first discovery out of NeuRA

Fiona Kumfor talks to ABC Riverland about Frontier's discovery in to frontotemporal dementia.

8 July 2013 | Breakthrough in Brain Mapping

Fiona Kumfor talks to ABC AM program about the team's discovery that sufferers of dementia lose their memory of significant life events.

17 May 2013 | Opinion on stem cell breakthrough

Professor Peter Schofield wrote an opinion article for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age about new stem cell research.

14-15 May 2013 | Rates of dementia in Aboriginal Australians

Professor Tony Broe released some of the first, preliminary results from his three-year Koori Growing Old Well Study (KGOWS). It was covered by ABC PM, ABC TV News, The Sydney Morning Herald, newswire AAP, and SBS. You can watch the ABC News story below with Prof Tony Broe, Aunty Margaret Anderson and Colleen Cawood.

14 May 2013 | Inflammation in schizophrenia | The Australian

Joel Magary interviewed NeuRA researchers including Professor Cyndi Shannon Weickert about inflammation in schizophrenia for his article in The Australian, "Findings provide new explanation of how many mental disorders develop".

1 May 2013 | Dizziness trial | Nine News

Gaby Rogers from Channel 9 News interviewed Professor Stephen Lord about the dizziness trial underway at NeuRA. She followed volunteer participants Mr Graham Russell and Mr Michael Barker as they underwent tests with Dr Americo Migliaccio and Dr Jasmine Mennant. Watch the news clip by clicking on the image below.

Dizziness trial covered by Nine News

1 May 2013 | The Canberra Times

Columnist Ian Warden of The Canberra Times wrote up a review of NeuRA, the Sydney Brain Bank and the Bridge For Brain Research Challenge, interviewing Assoc Prof Olivier Piguet: Bridge is ace way to exercise brain

April-May 2013 | Bridge For Brain Research Challenge

The Bridge for Brain Research Challenge is underway. Read about the event in The Newcastle Star, The Southern Highland News, Myall Coast Nota, NT News, Camden Haven Courier, Port Stephens Examiner, Bayside Bulletin, The Redland Times, Lakes Mail, Manning Great Lakes Extra, The Ballarat Courier, The Coolah Diary, Esperance Express, The Yarrawonga Chronical, The Central Western Daily, The Warren Weekly, and The Irrigator.

26 April 2013 | Scientists unpack the role of testosterone in schizophrenia | The Conversation

Dr Tertia Purves-Tyson, Dr Tom Weickert and Professor Cyndi Shannon Weickert were interviewed about the results they presented at the International Congress on Schizophrenia Research in Florida. Read about it in The Conversation, Scientists unpack testosterone's role in schizophrenia. This was picked up my many other outlets, including MedicalXpress and Science Alert.

26 April 2013 | A trick to improve your memory - clench your fists | Ninemsn

Associate Professor Olivier Piguet provided expert comment for Ninemsn on a UK study that found memory was assisted by clenching your fist as you try to memorise something.

26 April 2013 | Carecycle Oz

Ben Anfruns and Chantel Fitzsimmons are riding around Australia on bicycles, raising money for NeuRA. Read about their journey in The Maitland Mercury.

25 April 2013 | Do we have to cool down after exercise? | New York Times

Dr Rob Herbert was interviewed for a blog in the New York Times about new research into the effect of cooling down after exercise.

3 April 2013 | Obama announces $100 million to map the human brain

Professor Peter Schofield was interviewed about the announcement for the Al Jazeera English news program, The Sydney Morning Herald, and 666 ABC Canberra's Drive program.

Al Jazeera screen shot

April 2013 | The Ride To Remember | Fundraising for NeuRA

Paul Brown is riding around Australia and then to England to raise money for NeuRA and to honour his late mother. Read about his story in the UK's Sunday Sun, The Fraser Coast Chronicle,The Toowoomba Chronicle, The North West Star, the Noosa News, Rockhampton's The Morning Bulletin, 91.7 ABC Coast FM, 612 ABC Brisbane, ABC North West Queensland, ABC Alice Springs, Tennant & District Times, Motorcycle Sport & Leisure, Bishop FM, Gladstone Observer, Brisbane Times and the BBC.

26 March 2013 | Useful ideas at the cutting edge: planning to build artificial senses | Penrith Press

Dr Ingvars Birznieks is interviewed about his career in the Penrith Press.

Penrith Press screen shot

March-April 2013 | Inside NeuRA | Australian Ageing Agenda

Australian Ageing Agenda takes a look inside NeuRA for their March-April issue, with a three-page feature article describing NeuRA and focussing on the work of Prof Stephen Lord and Assoc Prof Jacqui Close. Read a pdf of the article by click on the cover image of the magazine below.

AAA March April Cover

18 March 2013 | Living with a time bomb | Sydney Morning Herald

Professor Peter Schofield is interviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald about his research into the psychological impact of genetic testing. Read a pdf of the article by click on the cover of Pulse below.

Article about NeuRA in Sydney Morning Herald Pulse

8 March 2013 | Research into cognitive benefits of exercise | Body+Soul

Assoc Professor Jacqueline Close talks to Body+Soul about the links between exercise and cognitive benefits, and discusses the latest research at NeuRA.

15 February 2013 | DIAN Study | Today Tonight

Chontell Johnson talks about her battle with early onset Alzheimer's disease and her participation in the DIAN Study at NeuRA. Watch the story below.

Today Tonight screen shot

6 February 2013 | Research into dementia treatments | Sydney Morning Herald

Dr Tim Karl is researching whether components of the cannabis plant can be used to treat symptoms of dementia, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

5 February 2013 | Recycle your Wii for stroke research | National media

Dr Penelope McNulty is seeking second-hand Wiis so she can provide them to stroke survivors in need of rehabilitation. Her program has been reported by ABC Radio AM and Pulse+IT.

30 January 2013 | Hypothesis testing and medical research | The Conversation

Prof Rob Herbert writes about hypothesis testing and, in his opinion, the flawed way that many scientists approach medical research for The Conversation.

25 January 2013 | Botox treatment for stroke | 2RPH Radio

17 January 2013 | Balance device home trials | Australian Ageing Agenda

Dr Americo Migliaccio recently attracted funding to begin trialling his balance restoration device in the homes of people with balance organ damage. This was reported by Australian Ageing Agenda here.

12 January 2013 | Treatment for frontotemporal dementia | The Lancet

Prof John Hodges authored a commentary for The Lancet on a trial of the dementia drug memantine, this was reported by medwireNews.

10 January 2013 | Prof Lorimer Mosely on pain | Talking Alternative

Prof Lorimer Mosely is interviewed by US radio station Talking Alternative, you can listen to and download a podcast here.

9 January 2013 | Stroke rehabilitation trial in Armidale | Armidale Express

Dr Penelope McNulty is calling for participants for a trial of Wii-Based Movement Therapy in Armidale, as reported by the Armidale Express.


28 December 2012 | Botox and the brain | ABC News

Dr William Huynh studies changes in the brain following stroke. His latest paper looks at the effect of botox on the brain and was covered by ScienceAlert, Asian Scientist, Aesthetic Medicine News, India Vision, Medical Xpress, Business Standard, Times of India and Health Canal. Watch an ABC News report on Dr Huynh's research here or watch a Ten News report below.

18 December 2012 | NeuRA secures funding to study motor impairment and balance | UNSW Newsroom

Prof Simon Gandevia has secured funding for a large study on motor impairment and Dr Americo Migliaccio secured funding to develop a new device to better treat loss of balance. Both researchers feature in this UNSW article.

14 December 2012 | Neuroscience delegation to Israel | NRG

Prof Peter Schofield and Prof Cyndi Shannon-Weickert recently visited Israel as part of an official neuroscience delegation. An article on the visit is available from NRG.

13 December 2012 | The role of statistics in medical research | Medicinsk Vetenskap & Praxis

Dr Rob Herbert is quoted in an article in the latest issue of Medicinsk Vetenskap & Praxis published by the Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment. Dr Herbert discusses the role of statistics in medical research.

Cover of newsletter

12 December 2012 | Dementia therapy | News Medical Thought Leaders

Assoc Prof Olivier Piguet and Sharon Savage appear in this Thought Leader interview on their latest research into semantic dementia therapies.

5 December 2012 | Dr Danny Eckert | 702 ABC Radio

Dr Danny Eckert was interviewed on 702 ABC Radio about sleep apnoea and answered questions from callers on this disorder.

5 December 2012 | NeuRA's bequest program | Sydney Morning Herald

NeuRA Foundation Director Roewen Wishart features in this article in Sydney Morning Herald Money on bequests and why they are vital to medical research.

1 December 2012 | Dr Ingvars Birznieks: Thought Leader | News Medical

Dr Ingvars Birznieks was interviewed as part of News Medical's Thought Leader series.

30 November 2012 | NeuRA's bequest program | Aged Care Guide

The NeuRA Foundation's bequest program is the subject of this article in Aged Care Guide .

30 November 2012 | Research dizziness | Australian Ageing Agenda

Prof Stephen Lord and Dr Jasmine Menant's new clinical trial into the best way to treat dizziness is the subject of an article in the latest issue of Australian Ageing Agenda.

AAA Cover Dec 2012

29 November 2012 | Parkinson's disease | Sydney Morning Herald

Assoc Prof Kay Double features in this Sydney Morning Herald video on why some people with Parkinson's disease can carry out some activities, such as cycling, and not others, such as walking.

29 November 2012 | What is sleep apnoea? | The Conversation

Dr Danny Eckert authored this Explainer for The Conversation about sleep apnoea and why this growing problem requires our attention.

27 November 2012 | Parkinson's disease | New York Times

Prof Glenda Halliday is quoted in this New York Times article on a new study on the use of brain imaging in Parkinson's disease.

26 November 2012 | Dementia and re-learning words | Global media

Sharon Savage published a new study showing that people with semantic dementia can re-learn words lost to the disease. This study was covered by Australian Ageing Agenda, Science Alert, News Medical and Health Canal.

21 November 2012 | Parkinson's disease | Coast FM

Prof Glenda Halliday was interviewed about Parkinson's disease and her latest research by Barbara Chappell for Coast FM.

20 October 2012 | NeuRA apps | Aged Care Management

Dr Kim Delbaere's app iconFES features in this article in the November-December issue of Aged Care Management.


20 November 2012 | Healthy ageing | 2SER Radio

Dr John Kwok features in this radio piece on ageing, exercise and dementia produced by Dani Pogson for 2SER Radio.

19 November 2012 | Restless leg syndrome | Dunya News

Assoc Prof Kay Double's work on restless leg syndrome was recently profiled by Dunya News, Pakistan.

19 November 2012 | Dr Ingvars Birznieks | News Medical

Dr Ingvars Birznieks has discovered a previously undescribed effect from stroke and this was reported by News Medical.

15 November 2012 | Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert | Publico

Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert features in this article appearing in the Portuguese newspaper Publico on schizophrenia.

14 November 2012 | Sleep apnoea | Coast FM

Dr Danny Eckert speaks with Coast FM's Barbara Chappell about sleep apnoea, his latest research and what we need to tackle this growing health problem.

14 November 2012 | MND Fellowship | MND Australia

Dr Sharpley Hsieh has been awarded the Graham Linford MND Post Doctoral Fellowship by MND Australia.

14 November 2012 | Interview with Prof George Paxinos | Katherini

Ahead of Prof George Paxinos' admission to the Academy of Athens, this interview was done (in Greek) with Katherini.

12 November 2012 | Is an overactive immune system a cause of schizophrenia? | The Health Report

5 November 2012 | Copper regulation in the brain | RSC Publishing Blog

Prof Kay Double's latest paper on copper regulation in the human brain features in this RSC Publishing Blog entry.

31 October 2012 | NeuRA's role in the Broadband Smart Home | Regional Development Australia

Dr Stuart Smith's research project looking into the delivery of health interventions via broadband is featured in this article by Regional Development Australia.

31 October 2012 | The possible effects of cannabis on teen brains | Australian Financial Review

Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert's work into the endocannabinoid system and how it changes over development is covered in this Australian Financial Review article.

28 October 2012 | Philanthropy and Parkinson's disease | Grass Roots

Prof Glenda Halliday and Dr Nic Dzamko feature in this Grass Roots article (page 8) into the role that philanthropy is playing in looking for a cure for Parkinson's disease.

22 October 2012 | Videoing falls | AMJ InSight

Prof Stephen Lord is quoted in this Australian Medical Journal InSight article on a new study by Canadian researchers that used video to better analyse falls in older people.

26 October 2012 | Dementia, music and emotions | Australasian Science

Dr Sharpley Hsieh authored this cover story for Australasian Science on her research into musical cognition and dementia.


25 October 2012 | ADHD | Medical Observer

Dr Philip Shaw recently visited NeuRA and spoke about his research into ADHD. His visit and talk at NeuRA were covered by Medical Observer.

23 October 2012 | App innovation | Nursing Career Allied Health

Dr Kim Delbaere is quoted in this NCAH article by Karen Keast on NeuRA's iconFES and IPEQ apps.

17 October 2012 | Falls prevention | Sydney Observer

Prof Stephen Lord is quoted in this article in Sydney Observer about falls prevention.

Cover of Sydney Observer

16 October 2012 | Lifetime Achievement Award | Local media

Prof George Paxinos was recently given a lifetime achievement award and this is described by the Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ithacan Philanthropic Society.

16 October 2012 | Dr Leonora Long: Thought Leader | News Medical

Dr Leonora Long was interviewed by News Medical as part of their Thought Leader series. Dr Long discusses her research into the endocannabinoid system and how cannabis affects the brain.

12 October 2012 | Alzheimer's disease | Coast FM

Dr Bill Brooks discusses the biggest risk factor for Alzheimer's disease, early onset Alzheimer's disease and the DIAN study.

12 October 2012 | Apps for health | ProFaNE

Dr Kim Delbaere authored this blog post for ProFaNE - a global site focused on communicating falls prevention research and updates.

11 October 2012 | Cannabis and the teenage brain | Various media

Dr Leonora Long's latest paper on the brain's endocannabinoid system and how it changes over time has been covered by News Medical, Health Canal, Medical News Today, Today Topics, Cesspool of Madness and Ganja News.

10 October 2012 | iStopFalls | Australian Ageing Agenda Technology Review

NeuRA's involvement with the was recently reported in the first issue of Australian Ageing Agenda Technology Review.

Magazine cover

9 October 2012 | Research into dizziness | Australian Ageing Agenda

Prof Stephen Lord and Dr Jasmine Menant feature in this Australian Ageing Agenda article into a new clinical trial looking at treatments for dizziness.

8 October 2012 | Parkinson's disease and genes | Medical News Today

NeuRA's research into the genetic causes of Parkinson's disease are referred to in this article by Medical News Today.

3 October 2012 | Dead hands and phantoms | Australasian Science

Prof Simon Gandevia and Prof Janet Taylor authored this article on phantom arms and how the brain changes our sensation of the position and movement of joints.

Magazine cover

2 October 2012 | Internet-use disorder | 4BC Afternoons

Prof Rhoshel Lenroot speaks to 4BC Afternoons about the 'Internet-use disorder' and whether it should be classified as a psychiatric disorder.

2 October 2012 | Hip hop and science | YouTube

NeuRA was fortunate to receive a visit (and dance lessons) from Justice Crew in September. Watch a music video of the visit on our YouTube channel below.

30 September 2012 | Technology and kids | Sun Herald

Prof Rhoshel Lenroot is quoted in this Sun Herald article by Sarah Whyte on the possible inclusion of "internet use disorder" in the DSM-IV .

20 September 2012 | Diagnosing mental illness | Daily Life

Prof Rhoshel Lenroot is quoted in this Daily Life article by Melissa Davey on the challenges of diagnosing mental illness.

19 September 2012 | Overview of NeuRA | Innovation International

NeuRA CEO Prof Peter Schofield discusses NeuRA's research profile and our commitment to improving Aboriginal health in part two of a two part special in the magazine Innovation International.

Magazine cover

18 September 2012 | Schizophrenia research news | Sydney Morning Herald

Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert is quoted in this Sydney Morning Herald article on her latest research into a link between schizophrenia and inflammation in the brain. This story was also carried by The Gippsland Times, Lakes Mail, Murray Valley Standard, Coastal Times and Harden Murrumburrah Express.

13 September 2012 | Falls prevention research | Australian Ageing Agenda

Dr Kim Delbaere is quoted in this Australian Ageing Agenda article on the recent Cochrane Review into falls prevention research.

10 September 2012 | Podcast on frontotemporal dementia | Neurology

Dr Carol Dobson-Stone features in this Neurology podcast describing her research into genetic patterns in people with frontotemporal dementia.

6 September 2012 | Overview of NeuRA | Innovation International

NeuRA CEO Prof Peter Schofield discusses NeuRA's founding, development and future plans in part one of a two part special about NeuRA featured in the magazine Innovation International.

Magazine cover

6 September 2012 | NeuRA launches its first app | Australian Ageing Agenda

NeuRA's first app, iconFES, has been launched and how the app will bring benefit people at risk of falling was covered by Australian Ageing Agenda and Aged Care Guide.

6 September 2012 | Social media and neuroscience | The Sydney Morning Herald

NeuRA's media and science communicator, Ben Bravery, features in this Sydney Morning Herald article on the impact of social media. The story was also carried by The Age, The Canberra Times and WA Today.

3 September 2012 | Using the Wii in stroke rehabilitation | Western Independent

Dr Penelope McNulty's research using Wii-Based Movement Therapy is featured in this article in the Western Independent (scroll to page 16).

29 August 2012 | Religious patterns in philanthropy | Fundraising and Philanthropy

Just as medical research spans different cultures and religions, so does philanthropic support for non-profits. In this article in the August-September issue of Fundraising and Philanthropy, Roewen Wishart, Director of the NeuRA Foundation, writes about Islamic systems of philanthropy.

22 August 2012 | NeuRA Board Member Dr Richard Matthews | Medical Observer

NeuRA board member Dr Richard Matthews was recently interviewed by Medical Observer for his work as chair of General Practice Education and Training.

21 August 2012 | Muscles and music | Voice of America

Prof Vaughan Macefield was interviewed about his project that combines neuroscience, robotics and music. The project was covered by Voice of America, COSMOS, Brisbane Times and Jakarta Globe, among others.

17 August 2012 | How the brain ages | ABC Science Online

Prof Rhoshel Lenroot is quoted in this story for ABC Science Online on new research into how the brain changes with maturity.

16 August 2012 | Children in the front seat of cars | Today Tonight

Prof Lynne Bilston features in this story by Laura Sparks for Today Tonight on child injury and how tall a child should be before they can safely occupy the front passenger seat of a car.

15 August 2012 | Dementia and words that convey emotion | Dementia Today

Dr Sharpley Hsieh's work on the processing of emotion words in people with dementia was covered by Dementia Today.

15 August 2012 | Prof Rhoshel Lenroot comments on study | New Scientist

Prof Rhoshel Lenroot was quoted in a story in New Scientist on New Zealand research into hormones and autism.

14 August 2012 | Thought Leader: Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert | News Medical

Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert was interviewed by News Medical as part of a Thought Leader series.

14 August 2012 | Training the brain | Women's Health and Fitness

Prof Peter Schofield is quoted in an article on neuroplasticity in the September issue of Women's Health and Fitness (click on the cover image below to read the article).

Magazine cover

14 August 2012 | Music cognition | COSMOS

Dr Sharpley Hsieh's research into the way we identify emotions in music appears in the Aug-Sep issue of COSMOS (click on the cover image below to read the article).

Cosmos cover

13 August 2012 | Chronic pain | Men's Health

Prof Lorimer Moseley and Dr James McAuley feature in the September issue of Men's Health in an article on chronic pain and its management (click on the cover image below to read the article).

Men's Health September cover

10 August 2012 | The cost of research equipment | Credit World

Dr Penelope McNulty was interviewed for this article on differences in the cost of technology purchased in Australia compared to other countries for Credit World.

10 August 2012 | Falls prevention | Australian Ageing Agenda

Prof Stephen Lord was interviewed for this article on preventing falls in the elderly in the July-August edition of Australian Ageing Agenda.

8 August 2012 | Schizophrenia and the immune system | International media

Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert found that the brains of people with schizophrenia show high levels of immune activity. This paper was covered by PsychCentral, Medical News Today, Top News NZ, Medical Observer, News in Mind, News Medical, Health Canal, ABC Radio 612, Medical Xpress, Neurology Update, Psychiatry Update, Top News US, Top News Arab Emirates, Asian Scientist, It's My Health, RNA-Seq Blog and Radio 2UE.

6 August 2012 | Chronic pain | The Conversation

Prof Lorimer Moseley authored this piece for The Conversation on chronic pain (reposted by SBS World News).

6 August 2012 | The biology of pain |

Prof Lorimer Moseley was quoted in this article for Live Mint on the biology of pain.

3 August 2012 | Misplaced neurons in the brains of people with schizophrenia | International media

Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert's paper on white matter neurons in the brains of people with schizophrenia was covered by AALA Times,The Times of IndiaNational Radio News, Zee News, Science Alert, Machines Like Us, Medical Xpress and Health Canal.

1 August 2012 | NeuRA CEO comments on major study | ABC Science Online

Prof Peter Schofield was quoted in a story in ABC Science Online about a new method that predicts recovery from stoke. The article was also carried by CBC.

1 August 2012 | NeuRA researcher comments on major study | Science Illustrated

Dr Danny Eckert commented about a new study into lucid dreaming for Science Illustrated.

31 July 2012 | Neuro Nurse fundraising team | Nursing Career Allied Health

Prof Peter Schofield commented for a story in Nursing Career Allied Health about a special team of nurses raising money for NeuRA in the Sydney City2Surf.

31 July 2012 | NeuRA expert comments on major study | New Scientist

Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert was asked to comment on a recent study that shows the brains of females may age faster than the brains of males. The story appeared in New Scientist and many other outlets, including The Washington Post, eMax Health, Women's Brain Health and Shafqna.

30 July 2012 | NeuRA researcher is ARE finalist | Australian Life Scientist

Prof George Paxinos AO is a finalist in the 2012 Awards for Research Excellence, featured in an article in Australian Life Scientist.

27 July 2012 | Everyday emotion words lost in dementia | International media

Dr Sharpley Hsieh's study of words used to convey emotion, such as 'thrilled' and 'annoyed', was covered by Australian Ageing AgendaTimes of Oman, We Speak News, Medical Xpress, Health Canal, International Business times, Greater Kashmir, Ageless Design, News Medical, Science AlertTimes of India, Health Central, Campus Daily, Women's Brain Health, Dainik Disha, News Crepadi and Takkarr.

24 July 2012 | Chronic pain and our sense of time and space | Medical media

Prof Lorimer Moseley recently published a paper looking at the effect of chronic back pain on how the brain perceives time and space. The release was covered by Health Canal and Medical Xpress.

23 July 2012 | Telehealth and exergaming | Aged Care Insite

Dr Stuart Smith contributed to an article in Aged Care Insite magazine on the uptake of telehealth across Australia.

19 July 2012 | Wii-based Stroke Therapy | National media

Dr Penelope McNulty recently presented her research into Wii-based Movement Therapy at an international meeting in Brisbane. Her research was covered by ABC 612, China Daily, Malay Mail, Bernama, The Empiricist, Global Times, Nine MSN, Adelaide Now, Courier Mail, Brisbane TimesThe Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun,, Bayside Bulletin, Health India, French Tribune, Berita Satu, The Canberra Times, Tech 2, Zee News and Nine MSN.

17 July 2012 | Genetic testing for Alzheimer's disease | Media

A review of the psychological impact of being genetically tested for Alzheimer's disease, co-authored by Prof Peter Schofield and colleagues at UNSW was picked up by Radio 2SM, National Radio News, Sky NewsMedical Xpress, DPS News,Health Canal, ScienceAlert, Women's Health Org and Medical News.Net.

14 July 2012 | Research patron awarded | St George Leader

Soprano Helen Zerefos has been recognised by the NSW Parliament for her role, among other things, as patron of Tony Broe's research program at NeuRA.

13 July 2012 | New Alzheimer's research | ABC News Breakfast

Prof Peter Schofield spoke with Andrew Geoghegan on ABC News Breakfast from the Sydney studio on his latest research into Alzheimer's disease and our understanding of how this disease progresses.

12 July 2012 | The Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network (DIAN) | International and national media

Prof Peter Schofield is a collaborator on an international study examining a rare type of inherited Alzheimer's disease, called the DIAN study. A new paper using data from DIAN in the New England Journal of Medicine has been reported by Cosmos Magazine, Sky News, ABC, Bigpond News, Science BulletinScience Alert, Channel 9 Afternoon News, Asian ScientistABC News Breakfast, Bloomberg, ABC US and Web MD.

11 July 2012 | Why do we faint? | Australian Financial Review

Prof Vaughan Macefield explains the signs that your body and brain are preparing to faint in this article by Jill Margo in the Australian Financial Review.

10 July 2012 | Community engagement by Assoc Prof Kay Double | Local media

Assoc Prof Kay Double spoke at a Parkinson's disease support group and her talk was covered by Macarthur Chronicle, The best of Campbelltown and the Campbelltown-Macarthur Advertiser.

10 July 2012 | New experimental technique by Prof Vaughan Macefield | ABC News

Prof Vaughan Macefield is developing a new technique to measure changes in peripheral nerve activity while patients undergo a MRI. ABC TV interviewed Vaughan today for a story later in the week.

Prof Vaughan Macefield

29 June 2012 | Prof George Paxinos elected to Academy of Athens | Greek and English news

Prof George Paxinos OAM was recently elected to the Academy of Athens and this story was covered by Neos Kosmos, Sofia Times, Greek Reporter and Nooz.

29 June 2012 | Prof Tony Broe responds to media comments on Alzheimer's disease | Radio

Prof Tony Broe AM was interviewed by ABC 702 and Radio 2GB about his response to recent comments regarding Alzheimer's disease and ageing.

28 June 2012 | NeuRA research team in the running for UNSW Innovation Award | Video shoot

Prof Matthew Kiernan and Assoc Prof Steve Vucic are part of a team through to the finals of the 2012 UNSW Innovation Awards. A UNSW crew interviewed Matthew (below) and Steve today in order to prepare a short video profiling their invention.

Prof Matthew Kiernan

28 June 2012 | Using high-speed internet to deliver therapies | YouTube

NeuRA's research into the use of high-speed internet as a delivery mechanism for a range of therapies is featured in this video about Australia's NBN.

22 June 2012 | The Health-Science Alliance | Medical news

NeuRA's involvement with the newly established Health-Science Alliance was covered by Australian Medicine Online.

20 June 2012 | Early onset Alzheimer's disease | Triple J

Dr Bill Brooks was interviewed by Triple J's Hack about early onset Alzheimer's disease and our latest research.

20 June 2012 | What is a research physiotherapist? | Nursing magazine

Betty Ramsay, a research physiotherapist with the Falls and Balance Research Group, was profiled by the magazine Nursing Careers Allied Health.

19 June 2012 | Memory and falls in the elderly | News

Prof Stephen Lord's study into memory and the risk of falling in elderly people was covered by Physical Therapy Products.

14 June 2012 | Depression and falls linked in the elderly | Global news

Prof Stephen Lord found that older people that are depressed are more likely to fall than older people that are not, suggesting a complex relationship between mental illness, our sense of balance and falling in the elderly falling in the elderly. This research was covered by Science Alert, The West Australian, Health Canale! Science News, Australian Ageing Agenda, Asian ScientistMedical Xpress, Top News, Senior AU, Depression Go Away From Me, Cambodian Times, Africa Leader, Malaysia Sun, Top News Arab Emirates, Kansas City Post, Tuscon Post, Buffalo Breeze, Philippine Times and Radio 2UE.

14 June 2012 | Child car safety | National TV

Prof Lynne Bilston was interviewed for a national television program on child car safety. In this image Prof Bilston is sitting in NeuRA's crash lab and explaining the benefits of a booster seat to the reporter.

Prof Lynne Bilston in the NeuRA crash lab

11 June 2012 | Not all lab mice are the same | Global news

A study led by Dr Tim Karl found that different housing methods for laboratory mice can affect the way they develop and behave. This research was covered by Science Alert, Medical Xpress, Bioportfolio, Science News and e! Science News.

4 June 2012 | Musical cognition and the dementias | Global news

A study led by Dr Sharpley Hsieh found the left hemisphere of the brain is involved in recognising emotion in music. This research was covered by COSMOS, Medical News Today, Asian ScientistScience Alert, e! Science News, Royal Australian Chemical InstituteThe Science Bulletin, Newstrack India, Medical Daily, Thaindian News, Silobreaker, Taaza News, Yahoo Maktoob News, India Vision, Yahoo News India, Therapy Toronto, IN.comNew Kerala, Health Canal, Medical Xpress, National Radio News and Radio 2SM.

30 May 2012 | NeuRA science outreach in Bowral | Local news

The Southern Highlands community got an opportunity to learn about the latest research into Parkinson's disease when three NeuRA experts held a free talk on Wednesday 30 May. The event was featured in two articles in The Southern Highland News and an interview with Assoc Prof Kay Double and Marj Webb on Highlands FM.

25 May 2012 | Future thinking and semantic dementia | Global news

A study by Dr Muireann Irish found that people with semantic dementia are unable to imagine themselves in the future. This research was covered by ABC Science OnlineScience AlertThe Conversation, the CBCWomen's Health Org, Science Bulletin, The Sunday Telegraph Body + Soul, Dementia News, radio 2UE, 2GB and ABC Capricornia.

20 May 2012 | Explaining the nervous system on radio | ABC Local Radio

Prof Matthew Kiernan spoke with James O'Loghlin about nerves and the nervous system. This segment aired on ABC Local Radio's Sundays with James O'Loghlin on Sunday 20 May 2012.

19 May 2012 | Retraining the brain and pain | Global news

Prof Lorimer Moseley recently spoke at a meeting of the American Pain Society and his research into retraining the brain as a method of pain management was covered by Science Daily, the Fars News Service and News Wise.

18 May 2012 | NeuRA's dance mat - an exergaming tool | Sunrise on 7

Dr Stuart Smith's work on exergaming was showcased at the CeBit conference in Sydney. Sunrise presenter Samantha Armytage trialled two health tools.

17 May 2012 | Hip fracture research awarded Bupa Health Foundation grant | Radio and online news

Assoc Prof Jacqui Close was awarded nearly AUD 500,000 to conduct research into a national approach to hip fractures. This story was covered by Sky News , Aged Carer, Radio 2SM, the Aged Care Guide, National Seniors and posted on Bupa's YouTube channel.

16 May 2012 | Changing the brain | The Project TV

Dr Penelope McNulty's stroke rehabilitation research using Wii-based Movement Therapy was profiled as part of a story on neural plasticity by The Project. The story also featured an interview with Stephanie Ho , a research participant and stroke survivor.

10 May 2012 | NeuRA's iStopFalls program | Marketing Magazine

NeuRA's iStopFalls program was named a Top Ten example of gamification by Marketing Magazine and was also recently profiled on Channel 7 Sunrise . This gamification award was covered by ENGaming, and Exchange Wire.

1 May 2012 | Bridge for Brain Research Challenge | Regional newspapers

Over 4000 card players participated in NeuRA's annual Bridge for Brain Research Challenge this year. The event was covered by local newspapers in Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Myall, Great Lakes, Redland BayNyngan, Brisbane Water and Warrnambool.

26 April 2012 | The science of falling | ABC Central West

Falling is a problem involving everything 'from the head to the foot'. Listen to Prof Stephen Lord, NeuRA's resident fall prevention expert, discuss this and other useful science as he talks to Mornings, on ABC Central West radio.

18 April 2012 | Genetic Repositories Australia | 7:30 Report

Our GRA facility was featured in a story profiling recent research into the genetic secrets of centenarians.

3 April 2012 | Breathlessness and the brain | ABC TV

In 1992, Prof Simon Gandevia and his colleagues performed a landmark experiment to determine the cause of breathlessness. What made this experiment so unusual was that, in order to find the answers they were looking for, these intrepid scientists completely paralysed themselves. Watch this episode of ABC TV's Quantum program to find out what happened next...

27 March 2012 | Closing the gap: Dementia care | Southern Courier

Prof Tony Broe launched NeuRA's Koori Dementia Care Project at the La Perouse Aboriginal Health Centre | Read more about our Aboriginal ageing research

27 March 2012 | Raising awareness about dementia in Indigenous communities | The Wire

Prof Tony Broe talks to community radio's The Wire program about the lack of knowledge about dementia in many Aboriginal communities and how symptoms are often not picked up until it’s too late | Read more about our Aboriginal ageing research

24 March 2012 | The champion cyclist, her mysterious excruciating pain and her unconventional road to recovery | The Australian

Prof Lorimer Moseley discusses his novel 'graded motor imagery' approach to the management of chronic pain, which 'messes' with how the brain perceives the body | Read more about chronic pain

23 March 2012 | Aboriginal dementia rates heightened by racism | ABC News

Prof Tony Broe says discrimination and a lack of opportunity are contributing to a higher dementia rate in Aboriginal communities | Read more about our Aboriginal ageing research

14 March 2012 | Explainer: what is Parkinson’s disease? | The Conversation

Research at NeuRA is looking at the role of inflammation in the brains of people with Parkinson's disease | Read more about Parkinson's disease

2 March 2012 | Social skills linked to daydreaming brain | ABC Science

Dr Muireann Irish talks to ABC Science Online about how studies of dementia patients suggest that our social skills rely on the same parts of our brain responsible for daydreaming, imagination and memory | Read more about our frontotemporal dementia research

10 February 2012 | Asperger's out of new mental disorder manual | ABC Radio

Prof Rhoshel Lenroot speaks to ABC Radio's PM program about moves to remove the term 'Asperger's syndrome' from the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders | Read more about our autism research

6 February 2012 | Wii Helps Arms, Heart in Stroke Patients | MedPage Today

Dr Penelope McNulty has found that a short but intense Wii-based program not only improved physical function in stroke patients, but added a beneficial cardiovascular challenge | Read more about our stroke research

2 February 2012 | Wii-based Movement Therapy for stroke rehabilitation | NeuRA

Neuroscience Research Australia's Dr Penelope McNulty is using Wii-based movement therapy to help those living with stroke related disabilities regain use of their affected limbs | Read more about our stroke research

21 January 2012 | Real gains via virtual pastimes | The Australian

Exercise games played on Nintendo's Wii or Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox are getting elderly people up and moving at residences such as Berala on the Park, a private aged-care facility in Sydney's south | Read more about our falls and balance research

19 January 2012 | Mind can control allergic response | Science Alert

You – or more accurately, your brain – has control over how allergic your skin is, suggests new research by Prof Lorimer Moseley | Read our related news story

18 January 2012 | Over-50 gamers win big with healthier mind and body | Herald Sun

Exercising in front of the TV with a video game may be better for older Australians than traditional exercise, says Dr Stuart Smith

17 January 2012 | Crippled arm leads to changes in brain | ABC Science Online

Dr Penelope McNulty speaks with ABC Science News about new research that suggests that limb immobility can cause changes in the brain | Read more about our stroke research