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NeuRA have made a 3T MRI scanner available for research since 2003. The current scanner is a Philips 3T TX MRI (upgraded May 2010). 

The facility currently operates for research 50% of the time and is open for research to scientists on a merit-based, user pays basis. It supports an active MRI research community of researchers from UNSW, The University of Sydney, Macquarie University and The University of Western Sydney as well as researchers from interstate and international sites as required.

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December 21, 2012
NIF Quarterly Magazine
Here is a link to the final NIF update magazine for 2012.
See more information at the NIF website.

August 24, 2012
Four day MR physics course
A four day MRI physics course is being held at the Siemens office at Macquarie Park from 13 - 16 November, 2012.

"Based on one of the best written and comprehensive MRI textbooks, MRI - From Picture to Proton, this four-day course will be delivered by the co-author Dr Donald McRobbie who has been teaching MRI courses for the last sixteen years. The course will also include clinical hands-on sesssions to maximise understanding of the concepts covered."

Click here for payment and registration details.

July 13, 2012
Free Analyse Training Workshop
Learn everything you need to know about Analyze at a Training Workshop in Sydney on August 16-17, 2012.

Benefits of the Analyze Training Workshop include:
  • Two days of free hands-on training with the AnalyzeDirect team
    Overview of key 
  • Analyze functions and how to use them
    Helpful tips and techniques, shortcuts, "how-to" ideas, tutorials, etc. 
  • In-depth training workshop manual with helpful exercises and documentation

April 18, 2012
MRI Safety Induction course update
Over 100 users of the NeuRA Imaging Facility have now been fully inducted and have permission to use the facility.
The next MRI Safety Induction course  is mandatory for all NeuRA Imaging users. If you have not yet attended the course, or have new students who have not attended, please see the MRI Safety page and register for the next scheduled course.

March 28, 2012
Understanding NMR Spectroscopy course
A week-long course titled "Understanding NMR Spectroscopy" is scheduled for 3-7 September, 2012 at the Moreton Bay Research Station on Stradbroke Island.
Organised by ANZMAG and the University of Queensland the series of lectures will be given by James Keeler from the University of Cambridge.
If you are interested in attending or looking for more information, click the following link.

March 6, 2012
MRI Safety Induction course
All users of the NeuRA Imaging facility are required to attend and complete the MRI Safety induction course. We have held four over the past five months and the majority of users are now permitted to access the MRI control and magnet room.
If you have not yet attended the course, or have new students who have not attended, please see the MRI Safety page and register for the next scheduled course. Entry into the MRI scanner is not permitted without completing the course.

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Brain Activity: Connectivity, Sparsity, and Mutual Information

A recent paper from researchers at NeuRA and UNSW have drastically changed the way brain connectivity is analysed.

Ben Cassidy and colleagues have published a paper in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging that outlines a new method of analysing resting state brain connectivity that incorporates four fundamental aspects of connectivity not previously jointly treated.

The new method - Sparse Conditional Trajectory Mutual Information (or SCoTMI) - gives more accurate and repeatable network links that previous network computing methods.

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (2014)
Publication at IEEE Xplore

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