Dr Michael Hornberger

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Dr Michael Hornberger
Phone number
+612 9399 1816

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Current appointments
Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Fellow, NeuRA
Conjoint Lecturer, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW

Michael Hornberger completed his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience in 2006 at University College London (UK), which encompassed functional neuroimaging studies of cognitive processes. During his PhD he worked for 4 years at Cambridge University (UK) and the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge conducting cognitive studies in healthy individuals and dementia patients.

Since 2007 Michael has been at NeuRA continuing his cognitive neuroscience research in healthy ageing and neurodegenerative patient populations. He is particularly interested in identifying the neural correlates of behavioural and cognitive symptoms in patients. Based on these findings he is developing new diagnostic tests or tools for neurodegenerative conditions, which will improve early diagnosis of such conditions as Alzheimer’s disease, Frontotemporal dementia, Motor Neurone disease and Parkinson’s disease.

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