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Brain ageing is an important scientific issue in the context of Australia's population structure in the 21st century. The focus of my research for 30 years has been the interactions between neuroepidemiology, population ageing and the motor cognitive and behavioural consequences of ageing for individuals and communities. My research projects, particularly the Sydney Older Persons Study (SOPS) 1992-2003, have examined normal brain ageing, the dementias and movement disorders. Our recent research focus is on the links between early-life factors and later-life health and cognitive outcomes, with a view to improving longevity and healthy ageing in Aboriginal communities.

Please note, these pages may contain the names and images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people now deceased. 

Senior Principal Research Fellow, NeuRA
Professor of Geriatric Medicine, UNSW
Scientific Director, Ageing Research Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital
T: +612 9399 1054

Prof Tony Broe completed a BA in (1956), an MBBS (1962) at Sydney University and the MRACP in General Medicine in 1966. He trained in Geriatric Medicine and Neurology at RNSH and RPAH in Sydney, the University of Glasgow and the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine.

From 1975 he was senior lecturer in medicine and head of the University Clinical School and the Department of Neurosciences at Lidcombe Hospital. From 1985 to 1999 he was Prof of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Sydney where he set up the Centre for Education and Research on Ageing (CERA) at Concord Hospital. From 1985 to 2003 he has had continuous NHMRC funding to carry out research in brain injury, neuroepidemiology, brain ageing, dementia, Parkinson's disease, and vascular brain disorders and has published extensively in all of these areas.

a. The Koori Growing Old Well Study

The number of older Aboriginal Australians is increasing rapidly, yet little is known about their health and dementia rates.

b. The Koori Dementia Care Project

This project aims to inform, educate and build capacity in urban and regional NSW Aboriginal communities, and with associated service providers, about the effects of dementia on older Aboriginal peopl

c. The Koori Growing Old Well Study MRI Project - Early Life Events, the Brain and Ageing

As a sub-study of the Koori Growing Old Well Study, this project uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to investigate environmental and cognitive correlates of brain structure in people over 45 years.

d. Ageing, Cognition and Dementia in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People: A Life Cycle Approach

This project examines current knowledge of risk and protective factors for cognitive growth and impairment in olde

e. A clinical, fMRI and transcranial ultrasound study of age-related motor slowing

This study examines the function of the pre-supplementary motor area of the brain in age-related motor slowing in

f. Additional Research Projects

Tony Broe is involved in several other research projects on ageing.

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Professor G A (Tony) Broe AM
Senior Principal Research Fellow, NeuRA
Professor of Geriatric Medicine, UNSW
T: +612 9399 1054