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Injury is a leading cause of death and disability in all developed nations and road traffic crashes in particular are a major cause of head and spinal injury.

Our research aims to reduce the burden of injury by identifying implementable and effective countermeasures. We do this by studying the mechanisms of injury at a population level as well as the underlying biomechanical mechanisms of injury, and by studying the factors influencing injury outcome and developing interventions to target these factors.

Our work therefore provides the necessary levels of evidence upon which countermeasures, including strategic injury prevention policies can be developed.

Senior Research Fellow, NeuRA
NHMRC Career Development Fellow
Conjoint Senior Lecturer, School of Medical Science, UNSW
T: +612 9399 1632

Dr Julie Brown's (BSc PhD) background in policy development and her research strength is providing translatable injury prevention outcomes. She uses laboratory and field-based studies, as well as data analysis, to investigate injury mechanisms, and the factors important to injury outcome. Since joining NeuRA in 2005, her research focus has been on reducing injury among child occupants, and more recently elderly occupants and other users of the rear seat in motor vehicles.

Buckle Up Safely: Randomised control trial

Road traffic crashes for car occupants are a leading cause of death and serious injury in children from high and middle income countries globally.

Estimating the true cost of crashes

This project aims to investigate the behavioral factors which contribute to the occurrence and severity of injuries to vehicle occupants, and to identify the real costs of these injuries to the commun

Motorcycle Safety Study

The purpose of this study is to develop effective policies and programs to address the current disproportionate involvement of motorcyclists in serious casualty crashes.

Optimizing rear seat protection in vehicles

This research is aimed at improving the protection provided to rear seat motor vehicle occupants in crashes.

Overcoming barriers to good child restraint practices in NESB communities

The aim of this project is to identify factors that lead to inappropriate and incorrect child restraint use in children from non English speaking background (NESB) communities.

Vehicle Safety Study

This research will provide an evidence-base for countermeasures for injuries to rear seated vehicle occupants.

Research team 
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Dr Julie Brown
Senior Research Fellow, NeuRA
T: +612 9399 1632
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Dr Liz de Rome
Senior Research Officer, NeuRA
Conjoint Lecturer, School of Medical Science, UNSW
T: +612 9399 1872
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Cameron Fong
Research Assistant
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Marijke Oomens
Research Assistant
T: +612 9399 1272
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Alexandra Hall
PhD Student
T: +61 9399 1848
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Catherine Ho
Technical Assistant
T: +612 9399 1000