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Dr Bonne Lee and his research group hope to find out whether probiotics can prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) in patients with neurogenic bladder following spinal cord injury. They will also look at the effects of probiotics on bowel management and whether they change the pattern of organisms causing UTIs. The ProSCIUTTU study is a randomised controlled trial, with patients blind to treatment in order to reduce bias. This means that patients who choose to participate in this trial will either receive the capsules containing probiotics or placebo capsules for a period of six months, unaware of what capsules they are receiving. At the end of the study, researchers will evaluate the effectiveness of the probiotics in reducing the recurrence of UTIs in people with spinal cord injury.

Research Fellow, NeuRA
Senior Staff Specialist, Spinal Unit, POWH
Conjoint Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Public Health, UNSW
Visiting Fellow, Centre for Clinical Governance Research in Health, UNSW

Dr Bon San Bonne Lee is a spinal cord injuries (SCI) specialist physician and researcher who has developed a broad, collaborative research perspective in the area of SCI and is a leader in the area of SCI urinary tract infection (UTI) prevention. His training is uniquely multidisciplinary, having postgraduate Masters degrees in clinical epidemiology (USYD), management (health administration UNSW) and a graduate certificate in information technology (UTS) as well as his specialist AFRM/RACP qualifications including the rehabilitation college medal for his fellowship exams and the Adrian Paul prize for research for new fellows.

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Dr Bonne Lee
Research Fellow, NeuRA
Senior Staff Specialist, Spinal Unit, POWH