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Control of balance is vital to everyday life. Maintaining balance involves highly complex processing of peripheral sensory information and precise coordination of motor responses. Our research aims to enhance understanding of human balance and involves investigations of sensory and motor contributions, behavioural influences, environmental factors, as well as clinical populations and settings. Current studies are designed to investigate the physiology and biomechanics of standing, walking and stepping reactions. Fall risk factors and strategies for prevention of falls in different populations are being systematically examined in large-scale studies. Visit the falls and balance page.

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Senior Principal Research Fellow, NHMRC
Conjoint Professor, UNSW
T: +612 9399 1061
E: s.lord@neura.edu.au

Prof Stephen Lord is a Senior Principal Research Fellow at Neuroscience Research Australia in Sydney, Australia. Over the last 20 years, he has worked in the areas of applied physiology, instability, falls and fractures in older people. Prof Lord's research on falls has followed two main themes: the identification of risk factors and the evaluation of prevention strategies. His studies have involved large prospective population studies and randomised controlled trials for assessing the effectiveness of exercise and targeted programs in improving vision, strength, balance and co-ordination and preventing falls in community dwelling people and residents of retirement villages. His methodology and approach to falls-risk assessment has been adopted by many researchers across the world. With colleagues at Neuroscience Research Australia, he has recently written a comprehensive book on Falls in Older People - published by Cambridge University Press.

Research team 
Prof Stephen Lord's picture
Professor Stephen Lord
Senior Principal Research Fellow, NHMRC
Conjoint Professor, UNSW
T: +612 9399 1061
E: s.lord@neura.edu.au
Dr Daina Sturnieks's picture
Dr Daina Sturnieks
Senior Research Officer
Conjoint Lecturer, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW
T: +612 9399 1062
E: d.sturnieks@neura.edu.au
Jasmine Menant (PhD)'s picture
Dr Jasmine Menant
Senior Research Officer, NeuRA
Conjoint Lecturer, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW Medicine
T: +612 9399 1267
E: j.menant@neura.edu.au
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Dr Matthew A Brodie
Senior Research Officer, NeuRA
T: +612 9399 1801
E: matthew.brodie@neura.edu.au
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Dr Esther Vance
Research Assistant
T: +612 9399 1063
E: e.vance@neura.edu.au
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Cameron Hicks
Research Assistant
Ms Sandra O'Rourke's picture
Sandra O'Rourke
Research Assistant (P/T)
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Joanne Lo
Research Assistant
T: +61 2 9399 1209
E: j.lo@neura.edu.au
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Morag Taylor's picture
Morag Taylor
Research Assistant
T: +612 9399 1129
E: m.taylor@neura.edu.au
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Stefanie Mikolaizak
Research Physiotherapist (PhD candidate)
T: +612 9399 1885
E: s.mikolaizak@neura.edu.au
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Vicky Smith
Executive Assistant
T: +612 9399 1064
E: v.smith@neura.edu.au