Sydney Brain Bank

The objective of the Sydney Brain Bank, based at Neuroscience Research Australia, is to provide a research resource facility for the- 

Our primary focus is on various neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, and also unaffected people. Neurodegenerative disorders have a huge personal impact in addition to being an increasing economic burden to individuals and the community. 

There are currently no treatments for many of these disorders, and only symptomatic treatment for some. Researchers in Australia and overseas interested in investigating areas such as basic disease mechanisms, earlier and more accurate diagnosis, genetic contributions to diseases, better treatments, and ultimately, cure and prevention, can request this tissue for their research studies. 

To be successful in our goals, we rely on the generosity and altruism of people who donate their brains for research and also the scientists who request the tissue seeking to alleviate the suffering that neurodegenerative diseases cause.

Staff members 
Dr Claire Shepherd's picture
Dr Claire Shepherd
Senior Research
Facility Manager
T: +612 9399 1090
Prof Glenda Halliday's picture
Professor Glenda Halliday
Director, Sydney Brain Bank
T: +612 9399 1704
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Heather McCann
Tissue Resource Manager
T: 9399 1108
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Linda Pickett
Liaison Officer
T: +612 9399 1107
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Andrew Affleck
Research Associate
T: +612 9399 1083
Carla Scicluna's picture
Carla Scicluna
Research Assistant
T: +612 9399 1110