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Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) is an independent, not-for-profit research institute based in Sydney, Australia. As a leader in brain and nervous system research, our goal is to prevent, treat and cure brain and nervous system diseases, disorders and injuries through medical research.

Read about our research achievements in our NeuRA Profile 2020.

We were previously known as the Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute.

The importance of neuroscience research
Every year, one in five Australians is struck down with a major brain or mind disorder. At Neuroscience Research Australia, we are dedicated to reducing this burden on our community. For many affected by these devastating diseases, medical research offers the only hope.

Some of the many aspects of neuroscience we explore include:

Here are just a few of our recent achievements:

  • Genetic markers were identified that can predict whether a patient will respond to bipolar disorder medication – read more
  • Screening test developed to differentiate between Alzheimer’s disease and behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia – read more

How can you help?
Donations and bequests play a key role in allowing us to continue our important research. Will you help us? As an independent, not-for-profit research institute, we urgently need your support. Find out more about how you can help our research – read more

We also attract competitive external grant funding from a number of national and international organisations, including:

National Health and Medical Research Council
Australian Research Council
Ian Potter Foundation
Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation
Australian Rotary Health Research Fund
Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation
Brain Foundation
Alzheimer’s Australia
Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia
Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s  Research
Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Foundations
Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia

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