Peer support

NeuRA values collaboration, networking and peer-to-peer support

The Early-Mid Career Committee of students and postdocs is here to support and facilitate professional development for early career researchers including honours, masters and PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows and technical staff.

The Early-Mid Career Committee helps coordinate social gatherings, technical and professional development courses, and disseminates information about upcoming awards, prizes and funding opportunities. The committee aims to create a collegial environment amongst early career researchers.

Students have full access to student support at UNSW including the Learning Centre, student medical, legal and counselling services, priority access to UNSW childcare, International Students Association.

Current Early-Mid Career Committee members:

  • Co-Chairs: Jason Amatoury and Andrew Affleck
  • Treasurer: Lauriane Juge
  • Secretary: Samantha Owens
  • Subcommittee Chairs:
    Communications Chair: Roxane Cadiz
    Education Chair: Alex Shaw
    Social Chair: Juan Olaya
    RA/TA Chair: Ani Lack
    Committee members: Alexandra Hall, Harrison Finn, Jayne Carberry, Morag Taylor, Siobhan Donges, Surabhi Bhatia, Fiona Kumfor and Tasnim Rahman.

If you’d like to join NeuRA as an Honours or PhD student, view this booklet to see what research projects are available :

For more information on the application process, view this page.

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