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You have an inquisitive mind and think that neuroscience research is something that interests you, have a look at the endless possibilities at NeuRA.

proj-supe02Explore these pages to discover our current projects and supervisors or you can contact a research leader to discuss the latest projects available or your area of interest.

As a research student at NeuRA, you will be supervised for the duration of your research project to ensure you meet the requirements of your degree from UNSW . Your supervisor is there to provide you with training, guidance and support in all aspects of your research. NeuRA’s research leaders value supervision and mentor students to maximise project outcomes and personal and professional growth.


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All NeuRA supervisors hold an academic position at UNSW in addition to their research position. Supervisors at NeuRA are full time researchers and are leaders in their fields.

Find a supervisor by selecting an area of study from the options below. To find out about particular projects, contact the researcher to discuss research opportunities.

See examples of current projects here.

To see what research opportunities currently exist for Honours and PhD students in 2018, download this booklet:

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To see what scholarships, awards and prizes are on offer for postgrad students, click here.

Read about the support available for early career researchers at NeuRA on this page.