Scholarships, awards and prizes

scholarshipsPhD scholarships and awards
NeuRA recognises the research excellence of its students through additional financial support by offering top-up scholarships based on their academic performance.

NeuRA can help you find information on applying for postgraduate research scholarships through UNSW or your home university for both Australian and international students.

As a student enrolled at UNSW, you can also apply for scholarship top-ups through Brain Sciences UNSW.

You will have the opportunity to apply for numerous awards, for travel or general support, during your research project. These awards are granted on the basis of academic excellence.

Australian and NZ students undertaking post-graduate degrees by research are HECS exempt. International students are required to pay fees (and cost of living expenses) but can apply for scholarships.

Australian Academy of Science
Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists Education and Research Foundation (ANZAN E+RF)/ NHMRC Scholarship
MND Research Australia/NHMRC Scholarship
Royal Australasian College of Physicians/NHMRC Scholarship
The Tow awards

To see what research opportunities currently exist for Honours and PhD students, download this booklet:

For information on the application process, view this page.

Read about the support available for early career researchers at NeuRA on this page.