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Ageing Well For Life Sydney

About the lead speaker:
Led by Professor Kaarin Anstey, Senior Principal Research Scientist at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) and global leader in dementia and ageing research, this special seminar series is designed to help you learn how you can take steps to age well and reduce your risk of dementia.

Learn how to reduce risks around dementia with keynote speaker Professor Kaarin Anstey. Dr Bill Brooks will speak about early onset Alzheimer’s and what to look for; Professor Steven Lord will speak about why strength and balance exercises are very important as we age and how to reduce your risk of falls; Prof Jacqueline Close will share insights into her research area falls in people with cognitive impairment and dementia, and particularly the relationship of cognitive function to postural stability, falls and fractures, as well as Associate Professor Julie Brown, who will share insights on how to keep safe on the roads as you age.

Prof Kaarin Anstey Dr Bill Brooks Prof Stephen Lord Prof Jacqueline Close



About NeuRA  and Ageing Well
Professor Kaarin Anstey joined NeuRA in early January 2018 to lead an innovative multi-disciplinary team addressing ageing research, with a focus on vital community lifestyle solutions around dementia in

the Australian community.

Speaking about her appointment, Prof Anstey said, “I’m looking forward to expanding my research programs on the epidemiology of cognition and dementia with a focus on identifying lifestyle, brain, and biological risk factors that lead to cognitive decline, and the impact of cognitive ageing on everyday function and safe driving in the individual and broader community.

“I am also interested in how cognitive decline impacts on the capacity individuals have to make good decisions about their finances and health. I look forward to working more closely with new and existing colleagues,” said Prof Anstey.
Prof Anstey believes there is huge scope for research to improve how people age through preventive health strategies, the use of technology and specific skill training. Using psychological and population health approaches, her research programs focus on interventions to reduce the risk of dementia, cognitive ageing and decision-making, interventions to improve driving skill, and longitudinal studies of health and ageing.

Over the next five years Prof Anstey will focus on four key projects including the development of a global research network for dementia prevention and building the evidence-base on risk and protective factors for cognitive decline and dementia; physical and mental resilience in ageing; how cognitive decline impacts on decision-making; and how to keep older drivers on the road for longer, safer and more independent.

About NeuRA

If you cannot attend this seminar series, please register for our NATIONAL ONLINE AGEING WELL SERIES which commences – Thursday 21st June www.neuratalks.org Book to register and you will receive a special link and notification when the series launches online.