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Chontell beside her mother Shelly
"The test was positive... I carry the gene that is responsible for this awful disease. I now know my enemy!"

If you're 33 years old, shouldn't you be entitled to a full life, new experiences and making plans for the future?

"Making plans is something I do, just the same as all women my age. However, unlike most women my age I am aware that those plans may never come to fruition because I come from a family with a long history of early onset Alzheimer's,"" says Chontell Johnson.

At 16, Chontell began to see a difference in her mother Shelly as her behaviour started to change dramatically. She became more argumentative, defensive, and sometimes even hostile. After rounds of inconclusive tests, Chontell met NeuRA’s Dr Bill Brooks who was able to confirm that her mother had dominantly inherited early onset Alzheimer’s.

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