Own Your Balance


Research investigating innovative ways to feel more confident about daily life activities .

Falls are common in daily life for all sorts of reasons, and can sometimes cause people to feel quite concerned about what would happen to them if they would fall.


Funded by the Mindgardens Neuroscience Network, we have joined forces with the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands) and the Black Dog Institute (Sydney), to design and evaluate a program that is accessible to anybody with concerns about falling. It combines online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a hands-on personal work book that will help you find solutions that work for you. We will also be utilising our cutting-edge balance program StandingTall to provide a graded balance program.

What would happen if I took part in the research project?

·      The study is entirely home-based with no need to travel.

·      All participants will be asked to complete a fall risk assessment via video call and to complete monthly questionnaires over 12 months.

·      Participants will be randomly allocated into one of three groups:

–       Group 1: Will be asked to follow their usual care.

–       Group 2: Will be asked to follow the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Fear of Falling program from home for 8 weeks.  At 8 weeks, tailored physical activity guidance will be provided for future physical activity.

–       Group 3:  Will be asked to follow the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Fear of Falling and StandingTall balance programs from home for 8 weeks. At 8 weeks, tailored physical activity guidance will be provided for future physical activity.


Who can participate in the research?
You can participate in this study if you are:

·      65+ years of age

·      Have a substantial concern about falls or low balance confidence

·      Living in the Sydney metropolitan area

·      Able to walk household distances

·      Have no progressive neurological condition (eg. Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease)

·      Not participating in a fall prevention program

If you would like more information or are interested in being part of this study please click here

You can also contact Alicia Brown on 02 9399 1036 or alicia.brown@neura.edu.au for more information.


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MyCOACH: Connected Advice for Cognitive Health

Researchers at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) and University of New South Wales (UNSW) are inviting people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD) to participate in a voluntary online research trial aiming to reduce the risk of dementia. What is the MyCOACH Trial about? This research aims to test the effectiveness of an e-learning and behaviour change course designed to support healthy brain ageing and reduce risk of dementia.  The course is tailored for people reporting cognitive difficulties or changes. The trial runs for 12 weeks, with a follow up at 1 and 2 years afterwards. What is involved in this research trial? Interested volunteers will be asked to complete some eligibility checks to confirm this study is a good match.    If you decide to take part you would: Be placed into either the MyCOACH e-learning group (“Intervention”) or the Control Education group (“Control”). To ensure the research is fair and unbiased, we cannot choose the group for you.   It will be random - like names out of a hat. MyCOACH e-learning group (“Intervention”):  Volunteers in this group participate in the 12 week online MyCOACH program.  This includes 6 e-learning chapters, as well as three phone consultations with a dietician and/or exercise physiologist, and a 3-month subscription to a brain training app. Control Education group (“Control”): Volunteers in this group will receive information about cognitive health and risk factors for dementia.  This group is important to be able to measure the effectiveness of the research.  At the end of the study, volunteers in this “control” group can access the full MyCOACH e-learning course. Take part in four telephone interviews throughout the study with questions about your health. This includes a follow-up at the end of 12 weeks, and 1 and 2 years later. You may be eligible to participate in the MyCOACH Trial if you: Have concerns about changes in your memory or thinking OR diagnosed with ‘Mild Cognitive Impairment’ Are 65 years of age or older   Expressions of interest [ninja_forms id=376]   Contact If you are interested or know someone who might be, please contact us for more information: Dinaz Parekh Email: mycoach@neura.edu.au Phone: (02) 9399 1815