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Acute Low Back Pain



Low back pain (LBP) is very common and the leading cause of disability worldwide. Not everyone who gets LBP will develop chronic LBP (more than 3 months’ duration), in fact, most do not. Although 60% of people who have LBP recover in a few weeks, and often with minimal intervention, for the other 40%, recovery is slow and the risk of long-term symptoms, or chronic LBP, is high. These people face a downward spiral of increasingly lengthy periods of pain and disability with substantial social and personal disadvantage.

We are proposing that, rather than waiting to treat patients who already have chronic low back pain, much better outcomes are likely to be achieved if we intervene early to reduce the risk of developing chronic low back pain after an acute episode.

The PREVENT Study is a large, government funded (NHMRC) clinical trial that aims to help people recover early from their low back pain. The study, will recruit 250 participants over the next 2 years (2014-2016), providing a definitive evaluation of the efficacy of a promising new treatment designed to prevent chronic low back pain. If found to be favourable, these results will fundamentally change the way acute low back pain is managed in primary care.

As part of our PREVENT study, participants will meet with a pain clinician for an examination and two one-hour consultations to discuss their condition. This service is completely free.

For information about volunteering for this study, please visit this page.

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