Culture at the centre of ageing research and dementia prevention with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

This webinar focused on the cultural aspects of dementia prevention through the lens of a community-based team working with Aboriginal peoples and organisations across regional and urban areas of NSW. Drawing on our collective experiences in dementia research and knowledge translation, we address the question: how is culture central to all that we do?

Specifically, the webinar included discussion of

(1) The meaning of culture and its role in understanding connections to mind, body, and spirit, and conceptualising the links to the brain and cognitive health;

(2) How culture underpins the research and knowledge translation process;

(3) The ways in which culture has informed and guided our work and emerged as a key aspect of the research findings through three practical examples from our previous projects. Strength-based approaches to understanding cultural diversity in brain health and dementia prevention have a central role to play in reducing health disparities and promoting equitable ageing and longevity outcomes.