NeuRA End of Year Meeting

On Monday 27th of November 2017, NeuRA held the final all staff meeting for the year.

The meeting was an opportunity for us to reflect on the past year and to welcome the new staff joining us.

We were able to celebrate all of NeuRA’s grant funding successes, and promotions, and also award the winners of the NeuRA Publication Prize and Research Assistant Award.


Congratulations to:

Dr Matthew Brodie:  NeuRA Publication Prize (Postdoctoral Category)

Brodie MA, Okubo Y, Annegarn J, Wieching R, Lord SR, Delbaere K. Disentangling the health benefits of walking from increased exposure to falls in older people using remote gait monitoring and multi-dimensional analysis. Physical. Means. 38 (2017) 45-62.

Benjamin Tong: NeuRA Research Assistant Award

Danny Boerrigter: NeuRA Research Assistant Award


2017 has been a fantastic year and we look forward to welcoming 2018!