NeuRA Seminar Series 2021

The NeuRA Seminar Series aims to provide the opportunity to listen to interesting and leading research across all fields of neuroscience.

Presenters will include a mix of NeuRA-based scientists, as well as invited presentations from external domestic and international scientific experts.

The presentations are generally held every Friday at 12 noon for around one hour. The presentations aim to run for one hour. These seminars will now be presented so you can enjoy them via the internet using ZOOM, the link needed to join will be provided each week in the email.

If you are interested in attending these seminars and wish to be added to the regular email mailing list, please fill out the form.


Date Speaker  Position/Institution  Topic Speaker 1 Topic Speaker 2
12-Feb-21 1) Jan Fullerton 1) Fullerton Group The complexities of risk in bipolar disorder: genomics and beyond
26-Feb-21 1) Kevin Ng 1) Birznieks Group Time-based encoding of touch information in afferents
12-Mar-21 1) Simon Gandevia 1) Gandevia Group Research Quality and Reproducibility:  Why you should be worried and what you can do about it.
19-Mar-21 Prof Eva Kimonis UNSW, School of Psychology Emotional Processing Patterns Distinguish Subtypes of Childhood Conduct Problems 
26-Mar-21 1) Phillip Cheng 1) Gatt Group Coping and impact on wellbeing during COVID in 1749 youth across Australia and the USA
9-Apr-21 1) Miranda Chilver 1) Gatt Group Electrophysiological markers of mental wellbeing
16-Apr-21 A/Prof Michael Sughrue Co-founder and CEO, Omniscient Neurotechnology Connectomics – Turning your centre into a precision brain medicine institution
23-Apr-21 1) Ben Tong 1) Eckert Group
7-May-21 1) Louise Lavrencic; 2) Haeme Park 1) Radford Group; 2) Gatt Group Grey matter morphometry and the role of emotion reappraisal in mental wellbeing and resilience after early life stress exposure
21-May-21 1) Samantha Millard 1) Schabrun Group Modulation of Cortical Peak Alpha Frequency to Alter Sensitivity to Pain
4-Jun-21 Reconciliation Week Talk Reconciliation Week Talk Reconciliation Week Talk
18-Jun-21 1) Kerith-Rae Dias; 2) Annie Butler 1) Roscioli Group; 2) Gandevia Group
25-Jun-21 Prof Christos Pantelis Director of the Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre
2-Jul-21 1) Steve Kassem; 2) Ying Xu 1) Paxinos Group; 2) Peters Group
30-Jul-21 1) Nahian Chowdhury 1) Schabrun Group
13-Aug-21 1) Thom Whyte 1) Brown Group
27-Aug-21 1) Brian Chow 1) Herbert Group
10-Sep-21 1) Manreena Kaur; 2) Edel O’Hagan 1) Green Group; 2) McAuley Group
24-Sep-21 1) Liz Bye; 2) Patrick Skippen 1) Butler/Gandevia group; 2) Schabrun Cognitive mechanisms and deficits associated with the experience of pain Cognitive mechanisms and deficits associated with the experience of pain
8-Oct-21 ILP Student Presentations
22-Oct-21 Honours Student Presentations
5-Nov-21 1) Sonia Hesam Shariati; 2) Jun Cao 1) Fullerton Group; 2) Rae Group The genetic and epigenetic contributors to risk of bipolar disorder A new paradigm for neuroscience: magnetic resonance electric properties tomography
19-Nov-21 1) Alastair Loutit; 2) Milena Katz 1) Birznieks Group; 2) Peters Group Tactile afferent responses to object manipulation
3-Dec-21 1) Martin Héroux; 1) Gandevia Group;
17-Dec-21 1) Bianca Albanese 1) Brown Group Optimal Child Restraint Design to Reduce the Propensity for Misuse


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