NeuRA Sensorimotor Seminars 2017

The NeuRA Sensation Movement Balance & Falls Research Theme regularly hosts specialised Sensorimotor Control Seminars. All Seminars start at 9.15am.  Seminars are open to NeuRA staff and external collaborators.

To download the Sensorimotor Seminar 2017 schedule to your calendar click here.

Date Presenter Group / Institution Title
February 17 Prof Jonathan Cole University of Bournemouth, UK The neuroscience and experience of deafferentation
March 3 Lauriane Juge Bilston The effect of tongue fat on tongue movement during breathing
March 17 Prof Ian Harris UNSW, Ingham Institute & Liverpool Hospital Surgery as placebo
March 31 Rodrigo Martins Eckert The effect of morphine on upper airway physiology during sleep
April 21 Alexander Burton Macefield The effects of tonic muscle pain on fusimotor control during voluntary contractions
May 5 Ben Kwan Gandevia Genioglossus movement using ultrasound
May 19 David Nguyen Butler Neural control of the diaphragm in ageing
June 2 Yoshi Okubo Lord Proactive and reactive adaptation to unpredictable slips and trips
June 16 Peter Burke Bilston Regional distribution of genioglossus muscle activity during sleep
June 30 Bart Bolsterlee Herbert Changes in multi-scale muscle architecture during passive lengthening
July 14 Carlo Rinaudo Migliaccio Vestibulo-ocular reflex adaptation training and its effects on balance in vestibular patients
July 28 Marty Héroux Herbert Visualizing human rib motion using reconstructed 4-D CT scans
August 11 Paulo Pelicioni Lord Gait stability in Parkinson’s disease
August 25 Hanna Hensen Eckert Sleep-Disordered Breathing in People with Multiple Sclerosis
September 8 Lara Harvey Close Translating data into improved health outcomes following hip fracture
September 22 Lewis Ingram Gandevia Upper Limb Physiological Profile Assessment
October 6 Serajul Khan Migliaccio Vestibulo-ocular reflex adaptation and compensation in mice lacking otoliths
October 20 Rob Lloyd Bilston Modelling cerebrospinal fluid flow
November 3 Harrison Finn Taylor The effects of group III/IV afferent feedback on motoneurone excitability in the quadriceps
November 17 Arkiev D’Souza Herbert Validation of diffusion tensor imaging measurements of muscle architecture
December 1 Euan McCaughey Butler Abdominal functional electrical stimulation to improve respiratory function
December 15 Fiona Knapman Bilston Genioglossus muscle activity during sleep