NeuRA Sensorimotor Seminars 2018

The NeuRA Sensation Movement Balance & Falls Research Theme regularly hosts specialised Sensorimotor Control Seminars. All Seminars start at 9.15am.  Seminars are open to NeuRA staff and external collaborators.

Date Presenter Group Title / Theme
Feb 2 Matthew Bagg McAuley The influence of unpublished data on the effect size of published meta-analyses of analgesic medicines for low back pain
Feb 16 Sophie Carter Eckert Novel respiratory phenotyping to determine the effects of zopiclone on obstructive sleep apnoea
Mar 2 Helen Fagerlind Brown Injury patterns in major trauma patients involved in road crashes
Mar 16 Annalese Bolton Gandevia Bolstering allied health mandatory reporters’ ability to differentiate child protection risk/response levels
Apr 6


Morag Taylor Close The role of cognitive function and physical activity in physical decline in older adults
Apr 20 Anna Hudson Butler Respiratory muscle control in humans
May 11 TBA TBA
May 25 Muntaseer Mahfuz Migliaccio The effects of stimulus duration, number and total time on vestibulo-ocular reflex adaptation
Jun 15 Kim van Schooten Delbaere Brain and Brawn in Balance – How the interplay of central and peripheral impairments affects quality of daily-life gait
Jun 29 Tatjana Seizova-Cajic Filling-in of numb spots on the skin: how the brain makes up for missing sensory input
Jul 13 Edel O’Hagan McAuley Social media for low back pain
Jul 27 Chaminda Lewis Butler Respiratory muscle training in spinal cord injury
Aug 10 Erika Pliner Lord Individual factors that impact stable dynamics on a ladder
Aug 24 Jo Diong Do editorial instructions improve statistical reporting in physiology and pharmacology?
Sep 7 David Nguyen Butler Inspiratory premotor potentials in spinal cord injury
Sep 21 Behzad Babaei Bilston Measuring anisotropic brain stiffness properties by combining MR elastography and diffusion tensor imaging
Oct 5 Amal Osman Eckert Upper airway collapsibility in obstructive sleep apnoea
Oct 19 Euan McCaughey Butler Abdominal functional electrical stimulation
Nov 2 Liz Bye Herbert Effects of strength training on the architecture of partially paralysed muscles in people with spinal cord injury
Nov 16 Aiden Cashin


McAuley Developing a guideline for reporting mediation analyses in randomised trials and observational studies
Nov 30 Rob Lloyd Bilston Skateboard crash injury prevention
Dec 14 Junya Eguchi Herbert The topography of hypertrophy: how muscle architecture changes with strength training