NeuRA Sensorimotor Seminars 2019

The NeuRA Sensation Movement Balance & Falls Research Theme regularly hosts specialised Sensorimotor Control Seminars. All Seminars start at 10am.  Seminars are open to NeuRA staff and external collaborators.




Date Presenter Group Title / Theme
Feb 15 Jim Nuzzo Taylor Reproducibility of measures of muscle strength and voluntary activation.
Mar 1 Prof Betti Wollesen Delbaere Effects of a dual task managing intervention to improve walking performance of older adults
Mar 15 Ludovico Messineo Eckert Obstructive sleep apnoea predictors and therapeutic advancements
Mar 29 Paulo Pelicioni Lord Insights into the cortical control of balance during choice-stepping reaction time tasks: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy study
Apr 12 Marty Héroux Gandevia Perceiving what you grasp, and grasping what you perceive
May 3 Carlo Rinaudo Migliaccio Do sinusoidal gaze stabilising exercises result in adaptation of the high frequency head impulse vestibulo-ocular reflex?
May 10 Hanna Hensen Eckert Sleep apnoea in multiple sclerosis: Prevalence and pathophysiological traits
May 24 Lewis Ingram Gandevia Quantifying upper limb motor impairment in people with multiple sclerosis
June 7 Jasmine Menant Lord Dizziness burden in middle-aged and older people: key risk factors and interventions
June 21 Adam Martinac Bilston Computational modelling of tracer movement in perivascular spaces
July 5 Nipuna Cooray Brown Developing a digital behaviour change intervention as a mobile app for parents to prevent fall-related injuries of infants
July 19 Dr Tatsuya Hirase Lord Effects of a psychosocial intervention programme combined with exercise in community-dwelling older adults with chronic pain: A randomized controlled trial
Aug 2 Bianca Albanese Brown Influence of child restraint design features on correct use
Aug 16 Aidan Cashin McAuley Trials of physiotherapy interventions for low back pain: a scope of the evidence
Aug 30 Isabella Epiu Butler Reflex responses to airway occlusion in inspiratory muscles in COPD and age-matched participants
Sep 13 Ben Tong Eckert Oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnoea
Sept 27 Annie Butler Gandevia Perceptions of weight
Oct 11 ILP Students 3 minute theses
Oct 25 Mae Lim Delbaere Health literacy and fear of falling
Nov 8 Lauriane Jugé Bilston Predicting mandibular advancement splint treatment outcomes in obstructive sleep apnoea using MRI
Dec 6 Christina Norris Close Care of older people in surgery


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NeuRA, Level 3 John and Betty Lynch Seminar Room