New Ways to Prevent and Treat Back Pain – CANCELLED


Join speakers from Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), who will discuss the latest research in pain and the link with the brain.

New research shows that there are changes in the brain when someone has pain for a long time. Using this knowledge of the brain and how it changes with pain, researchers have developed new treatments for chronic low back pain that target how the brain and central nervous system process sensory information to produce pain. The seminar will include the latest findings and treatments aiming to reduce low back pain by targeting the brain, specifically for those with chronic back pain.



Associate Professor James McAuley – Senior Research Scientist 

Edel O’Hagan – Physiotherapist and Scientist 
Myths about low back pain

Matthew Bagg  – Physiotherapist and Scientist 
Pain, the brain and the back

Aidan Cashin – Exercise Physiologist and Scientist 
Moving forward with back pain


The seminar is free but bookings are required by contacting 9399 1627 or email