NSW Falls Prevention Network Forum

Focus: Moving right to stay upright

Plenary Speakers

Pam Albany Guest Lecture: Associate Professor Kim Delbaere, NeuRA: Fear of falling
Professor Stephen Lord, Senior Principal Research Fellow NeuRA: Falls prevention research update
Associate Professor Gideon Caplan, Specialist Geriatrician, POWH: Delirium and falls prevention
Ms Lorraine Lovitt, Lead, NSW Falls Prevention Program, CEC: Update of NSW initiatives
Ms Niccola Follett, Falls Prevention Coordinator, Southern NSW LHD: Patient story – Mrs Dean


Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Showcasing best practice falls prevention strategies from acute/subacute care and community programs and communication initiatives.


Concluding Session: New Research Update

Dr Yoshi Okubro, JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow for Research Abroad, NeuRA: Step training study
Dr Daina Sturnieks, Senior Research Officer, NeuRA: The effects of fatigue on balance, gait and fall risk
Associate Professor Anne Tiedemann Senior Research Fellow, The George Institute for Global Health: Education of health professionals on exercise interventions for preventing falls


Thank you for your interest. The Forum is now fully booked, however we are web streaming the plenary sessions, details are on the NSW Falls Network Website (under “Webcast Information”).


Venue: Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt St, Sydney