NSW Falls Prevention Network Forum – Friday 11th May

Focus: Nutrition, frailty and falls

Plenary Speakers

Pam Albany Guest Lecture: Professor Ian Cameron, The University of Sydney: Frailty and falls
Professor Cathie Sherrington, Head, Ageing and Physical Disability Program, Musculoskeletal Health Sydney, The University of Sydney: Falls prevention research update
Professor Susan Kurrle, Geriatrician, Hornsby Ku-rin-gai Hospital: Nutrition, sarcopenia & falls
Ms Lorraine Lovitt, Lead, NSW Falls Prevention Program, CEC: Leading Better Value Care – Falls in Hospital
Associate Professor Vasi Naganathan, Consultant Geriatrician, Concord Hospital: Older men & falls


Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Showcasing best practice falls prevention strategies from acute/subacute care, community programs and residential aged care.


Concluding Session: New Research Findings


Registrations closed, the forum is now fully booked.


Venue: Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt St, Sydney