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PhD Completion Seminars 2017

The NeuRA PhD Completion Seminar series provides an opportunity to hear from completing PhD students and celebrate their success.

Date Speaker Group Title
1st March at 12:00pm Adrian Traeger McAuley Group Reassuring patients about low back pain
1st March at 12:00pm Hopin Lee McAuley Group Understanding causal mechanisms in low back pain
15th March at 12:00pm Manaal Fatima Halliday Group Pathological changes associated with disease progression in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
19th April at 12:00pm Matthew Jones Taylor Group Acute exercise relieves pain through peripheral and cognitive mechanisms in healthy adults
14st June at 12:00pm Rodrigo Martins Eckert Group Effects of Morphine on the phenotypic causes of obstructive sleep apnoea
6th September at 12:00pm Audrey Wang Rae group Is the integration of touch different in complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)?
6th September at 12:30pm Martin Burgess Shannon Weickert Group The Thalamus and Schizophrenia
27th September at 12:30pm Negin Hesam Shariati McNulty Group Post-stroke neurophysiological changes underlying the improved motor-function with therapy
6th December at 12:00pm Ian Skinner McAuley Group The role of attentional bias in low back pain
13th December at 12:00pm Tony Hsia Kim Group Exploring the pathomechanism of alpha-synucleinopathies
13th December at 12:30pm Jack Brooks Taylor Group Where was I touched?


Jasmine Menant – phone: +61 2 9399 1267 or email:

Location: NeuRA Seminar Room, followed by a celebratory lunch in the cafe.