Seminars and events

The seminars and meetings listed below are open to professionals and colleagues of NeuRA staff.

First International Motor Impairment Conference 2018

NeuRA will host the first International Motor Impairment Conference in Sydney Australia. This 3-day international meeting will be held in November 2018 and will focus on all aspects of Motor Impairment from basic research through translational medicine to clinical trials.

Venue:  Crowne Plaza, Coogee

Dates: Monday 26 November – Wed 28 November 2018

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ANS Sensorimotor Control Satellite Meeting

The 2017 ANS Sensorimotor Control Satellite Meeting will be held at NeuRA on Saturday 2 December 2017.

Sydney Science Festival

TRAIN YOUR MIND: Learn about new and cutting edge research happening at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA),

train your mind with workshops, and discuss mental health issues such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia in this educative seminar. Appropriate for 25-70+ age group.

Date: 17th August

Time: 9.30 am



BEHIND THE BRAINS: Are you between 14-18 years old? What goes on in a neurological research institute?

Find out with non-stop activities that will reveal the science behind neurology and the research that is carried out at NeuRA.

Date: 15th August

Time: 9.00 am



NeuRA Invited Seminar Series 2017

The NeuRA Invited Lecture series aims to attract leading national and international researchers from all fields of neuroscience.

NSW Falls Prevention Network Forum

Moving right to stay upright

NeuRA MRI Seminar Series 2017

The new NeuRA MRI seminar series will provide researchers with the opportunity to present their work-in-progress and network.