FAQs for NeuRA’s Cleaning Tender

All FAQs will appear below.

Question: In the tender response to draft contract terms and conditions, are you expecting respondents to note compliance with each clause, and elaborate further if we do not comply? 

Answer: This is correct and sufficient for now.  

Question: Are you anticipating that we will provide information at each clause demonstrating how we comply (for example, in the response to clause 5 Personnel, provide details of the number and experience of personnel who will deliver and supervise the services?

Answer: This will only be needed if you are the preferred provider, when we progress to signing.

Question: If the answer to the question above is that you are only looking for a compliance statement, are we able to submit an accompanying proposal that demonstrates how we meet the cleaning specification brief?

Answer: If you wish to do so you may, however as stated above it is not necessary for now.

Question: What consumables are intended in schedule 4?  Are these for any requested consumables not supplied by NeuRA? If so please advise what consumables should be included.

Answer: Page 2 of the Cleaning Brief under Equipment answers this question.

Question: What are the floor areas for each floor of the buildings?


Level B2                               500m2 (included areas only)

Level B1                                350m2

Level 1                                  1260m2

Level 2                                  1000m2

Level 3                                  1145m2

Level 4                                  1400m2

Level 5                                  1400m2

Level 6                                  1240m2

Villa 1                                    1000m2 (approx.)

Villa 2                                    2200m2 (approx. two levels)

PHW                                      800m2 (total for two levels)

Question: What are NeuRA’s operating hours?

Answer: 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Question: What needs to be included in the external façade cleaning quote?

Answer: Only the external surfaces to the Margarete Ainsworth Building – glass, metal frames, aluminium panels, painted surfaces, structural beams, signage.

Question: What external hard surfaces need to be cleaned?

Answer: All concrete paths and drives surrounding the Margarete Ainsworth Building.   

Question: Should the Lab floors be swept and mopped daily or twice weekly? Schedule 1 – Services, Section 5 states both.

Answer: Please allow to sweep and mop the Lab floors twice weekly.

Question: Does the site have any closures we need to know about & or deduct accordingly ie: 2 week closure over Christmas etc.. ?

Answer: NeuRA is closed on weekends and Public Holidays and shut down between Christmas and New Year.

Question: Do all tenderers need to lodge a price for external cleaning of the Margarete Ainsworth Building?

Answer: The external cleaning of the Margarete Ainsworth Building is not part of the contract and will not be a determining factor in the award of the contract. The external cleaning will either be treated as a variation to the contract or a separate contract through another supplier.

Question: What consumables does NeuRA regularly purchase. What price does NeuRA pay for those items.


NeuRA purchases bulk quantities of the following items:-

  • Scott Towels Optimum White 150 sheet
  • Scott Towel Compact I/L White 110 sheet
  • Scott Toilet Tissue 2 Ply Roll White 440 sheet
  • Microshield hand wash 1.5 litre
  • Pristine recycled Paper Towel Roll 90 metres

NeuRA is unable to provide prices from their suppliers.

Question: Which of the spreadsheets supplied on Friday 9 August provides the correct floor areas.

Answer: The colour coded spreadsheet provides the most accurate floor areas for the total space of each floor in the buildings. The other spreadsheet provides details of specific areas or types of rooms but does not cover the total floor area and does not include general corridors and meeting rooms.