GeneMappers Kayaking Activity

You have expressed interest in the kayaking event on Thursday 21st November as part of GeneMappers Conference in Manly.

Registration is $30 per person for one hour in a double kayak (registration below, followed by online payment).

The event will start with a safety brief and gear distribution, commencing at 7am on-site.


  • All participants need be able to swim 150m
  • All participants must read and sign the Indemnity Form prior at the event
  • If there are not enough sign-ups for this event, participants will be notified and refunded
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NSW Hire and Drive License Numbers HD 0100 & HD 0399

NSW Roads & Maritime Services Aquatic Licence Number AQL34636

In consideration of the hiring fee payable by me to The Owner, Manly Kayak Centre (MKC), I, “The Participant”, agree to hire the Kayak/Standup Paddleboard (SUP)/Boat/Accessory, hereby known as “The Equipment”, under the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Participant(s) acknowledges that MKC will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that The Equipment and/or any related activities are conducted in a safe and responsible manner;
  2. The Participant(s) acknowledges the inherit dangers and risks of using The Equipment and/or participating in any related activities and agrees that the hiring of The Equipment and/or participation in any related activities is entirely at their own risk;
  3. The Participant(s) shall indemnify Manly Kayak Centre of any incident, loss or damage to The Equipment, any third-party person or property during the period of the hiring and acknowledges that they will not be covered by any of Manly Kayak Centre’s insurance if found negligent or irresponsible whilst the equipment is under their control;
  4. The Participant(s) acknowledges that they are able to swim competently up to 150m in open waters;
  5. The Participant(s) agrees not to carry more than the maximum limit of people authorised by Manly Kayak Centre and NSW Maritime as listed: (1) single kayak; (2) double kayak; (1) SUP; (4) self-drive leisure boat;
  6. In the event of a breakdown or failure of The Equipment or if a defect in The Equipment becomes apparent during the period of hire, The Participant(s) shall return it immediately or notify the owner;
  7. Participants by participating give MKC and its staff permission to administer first aid in the event of an incident and painkillers such as Ibuprofen or Paracetamol
  8. The Participant(s) acknowledges that use of The Equipment is not permitted before sunrise or after sunset;
  9. The Participant(s) agrees to return The Equipment to Manly Kayak Centre at the point of hire on completion of the agreed hire period;
  10. Manly Kayak Centre will not be held responsible for any personal injuries, personal property loss or damage sustained whilst embarking or disembarking Manly Kayak Centre equipment;
  11. Any Participant(s) with back, neck, shoulder or heart conditions, or those who are pregnant or who have injuries/conditions that may cause a risk to their health participate at their own risk;
  12. Manly Kayak Centre operates in an outdoor marine environment. The Participant(s) acknowledges that conditions may vary during the course of hire and The Participant(s) and their property may get wet;
  13. All participants must be at least 8 years of age or able to competently paddle without assistance in order to paddle their own vessel. Children under 8 years of age will be permitted to ride with an accompanying adult;
  14. Any children MUST be supervised by a guardian 18 years of age or older whilst on the water;
  15. No smoking or alcohol is permitted on the equipment at any time;
  16. Manly Kayak Centre reserves the right to refuse service to those who are believed to be affected by alcohol or drugs and no refund will be provided;
  17. The Participant(s) agrees not to use The Equipment to transport alcohol to any prohibited areas;
  18. Manly Kayak Centre reserves the right to refuse passengers for any reason;
  19. Participants may be filmed/photographed during the hire period. Manly Kayak Centre reserves the right to reproduce such film/photos for any purpose whatsoever without notification, compensation or payment;