Lighting the Way- Glow Lantern Project


NeuRA – Neuroscience Research Australia is supporting Mental Health Week 2017 with a series of colourful and positive community events this October. As one of the leading neuroscience research centres in Australia for disorders of the brain and the spinal cord, NeuRA is hosting a local area school’s community program called “Glow Lanterns” to shine a light on their work.

This year, NeuRA is inviting primary school students to be creative and decorate and colourful lantern set to be displayed in the Margarete Ainsworth Building at NeuRA between 8th to 13th October 2017. The Glow Lantern program will launch with a family afternoon event, on Sunday 8th October allowing all schools to display their glow lanterns, and explore the lantern garden walkway.

All documentation and instructions can be found within this package.

To Sign Up your school for this project, and have a chance to have both your school and a special student immortalized within our lobby and win tickets to the Powerhouse Museum please fill out the registration form with the downloadable package and return it to Dr. Steve Kassem (