A mental wellness program for organisations and their employees – an initiative from NeuRA

NeuRA has developed a program for organisations called Heads at Work that focuses on mental wellbeing and resilience in the workplace. Heads at Work aims to improve the understanding of mental health at work and provide support to employees by delivering techniques to improve wellbeing and build resilience.

The program delivers insights from NeuRA’s research and includes techniques to combat stress at work, healthy sleep habits for a better night’s rest, information on reducing pain and new research that shows the role of the immune system in mental health. This program provides an opportunity for organisations to demonstrate their support of their employee’s wellbeing at work. The program consists of FIVE seminars led by neuroscientists, passionate about their field of research.

Seminar topics include:

Sleep  – Learn why sleep has everything to do with mental wellness at work, and how you can develop a good sleep hygiene program
Pain – Learn how to understand the pain – brain relationship and new insights into treatment for optimal mental wellness at work
Resilience – Learn how to build your resilience to inoculate yourself against stress using the COMPAS-W Wellbeing Tool
Stress – Do you really know how stress affects the brain? Learn how you can work on a predictive stress strategy to support your mental wellness at work
Immune to Brain conversation – Learn about the surprising communication system between the brain and the immune system that will allow you to build your mental wellness at work

In this package, you will also find a screensaver for each of the speakers and their topic. These can be used to promote the series in advance on office screens.

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Sample video

Preview a sample video from the Heads at Work HR Package

Sample screensaver

Preview a sample screensaver from the Heads at Work HR Package