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NeuRA creates a free, quarterly magazine available to supporters as well as scientists, medical professionals and anyone else interested in the latest research findings of our institute. You can read each issue online by clicking on the image, a PDF version is available for each magazine. Click here to access a complete magazine archive.

NeuRA Magazine #26

The Spring 2018 issue of the NeuRA Magazine (#26) highlights a recent breakthrough in schizophrenia research led by Professor Cyndi Shannon Weickert. It also features: Novel treatment for inflammations induced depression with Dr Adam Walker Critical Hip Fracture report that highlights the osteoporosis care gap with Professor Jacqueline Close Breakthrough in cleft palate research for babies with Associate Professor Tony Roscioli News story: Can we live to 150? With Professor Peter Schofield To access the NeuRA magazine you can either: - click the contents tab on the right hand of your screen - or you can click the PDF below and download it to read on the screen at home or at work. We have also just launched a new mental health eBook which is free and can be downloaded by following this link: Enjoy and thanks for all your interest and support of our critical work in Neuroscience here at NeuRA. To read the PDF click here.    

NeuRA Magazine #25

In the Winter issue, we welcome Professor Kaarin Anstey who, with her team, is working on understanding the risk factors for dementia prevention and developing lifestyle guidelines on how to reduce the risk of dementia. We also launch NeuRA’s Ageing Well Week, a special seminar series focused on helping us reduce the risk of dementia. We have also developed a special Ageing Well Kit which includes a 24-page booklet on how to reduce the risk of dementia and profiles the work of leading scientists in the field of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In this issue, we also share news of the NeuRA Foundation's Food for Thought Dinner and research that aims to prevent and treat dementia in Indigenous communities. The magazine also features news of an Australian-first study highlighting the importance of helmet safety in children under four who ride bicycles.  Download HERE  

NeuRA Magazine #24

In the Autumn issue, we are excited to talk about the world first breakthrough in spinal cord research, pioneered by NeuRA scientist Dr Sylvia Gustin; the discovery of spinal cord sensation provides so many people around the world with new hope. Also in the issue, we speak with Senior Principal Research Scientist Prof Karen Anstey on dementia and insights from her research on how to age well. We discuss with Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert, the NSW Chair for Schizophrenia research, and her team, after their return from an international neuroscience conference held in Washington DC. And chat with Dr Lucette Cysique on how the first generation to grow old with HIV are ageing faster, "HIV is no longer a death sentence it is a chronic disease". This is all in addition to highlighting our early Parkinson's detection research and, our collaboration with Bowls NSW to launch the Bowling for Better Balance annuals event. The magazine finishes with a welcome interview with A/Prof Tony Roscioli, a recent addition to NeuRA and a group leader on Neuro-genomics.  Download HERE  

NeuRA Magazine #23

The Summer 2017 issue provides a look into our research in motor neurone disease, aged driver and sleep research. It also illustrates the importance of the recently released hip fracture registry, and the award received by our distinguished scientists on its success.We recently launched NeuRAtalks, a new website were the public can access online seminars on a range of topics, all presented by our scientists and curated by our staff. The topic range form schizophrenia to depression to resilience, with more talks added weekly. We also touch base with Prof Kaarin Anstey, who will be joining us in January, to leading an innovative lab with a national research agenda to tackle ageing and dementia. Don't forget to watch some of our video content supporting articles in this months magazine.  Finally a huge thanks for your continued support - it is our vision to prevent and cure diseases and disability of the brain and nervous system.  Please download Here and see the full Shin Liu story Here

NeuRA Magazine #22

In the Spring 2017 issue we are reminded about the importance of research and the legacy we can leave by volunteering, not just during our life, but also on our passing. NeuRA is home to the Sydney Brain Bank, where our scientists work in conjunction with researchers around the world to provide critical tissue samples required for research into Alzheimer’s and other disorders of the brain. We chat with Associate Professor Melissa Green about her work on the risk factors for mental illness, and also take a look into the important work understanding the risk of falls in people with Parkinson’s Disease with members of the Falls, Balance and Injury group. We also recap the launch of the Child Safety Good Practice Guide. To read the PDF click here.   Sydney Science Festival comes to NeuRA   Are you getting enough sleep?   Leaving a Legacy of Discovery

NeuRA Magazine #21

The Winter 2017 issue provides a look into our research in Alzheimer's, and chronic pain. It also says thanks to all those who played in our Bridge for Brains month in May. We launch the NeuRA Digital Portal, our online research library with the first volume being the Schizophrenia Library and meet Associate Professor Danny Eckert of the NeuRA Sleep and Breathing Lab to update us on his team's work on sleep apnoea. We also touch base with Dr Anna Hudson, one of our young researchers working in the area of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Don't forget to watch some of our video content supporting articles in this months magazine.  Finally a huge thanks for your continued support - it is our vision to prevent and cure diseases and disability of the brain and nervous system.   To read the pdf click here.    

NeuRA Magazine #20

This issue offers an amazing amount of hope to those affected by Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease. We meet three researchers - brothers Dr Arne Ittner and Prof Lars Ittner, and Dr Nic Dzamko - whose work presents us with new information about the early stages of both diseases. Crucially these new realisations have the potential to reveal how we might better treat them. It's early days yet, but these research paths hold incredible promise. This issue also looks at the benefits that are gained when people who have had a stroke use a Wii-based rehabilitation therapy, and we touch base with some of our young researchers working in the areas of back pain and injury prevention in children. Click here for pdf.

NeuRA Magazine #19

The Summer 2016 issue of the NeuRA Magazine (#19) catches up with Dr Bill Brooks to find out the latest information regarding the DIAN study. We spend time with Prof Vaughan Macefield to become familiar with the innovative technique he uses to understand how the brain influences blood pressure. New research has provided further evidence for subgroups of people with schizophrenia; we find out what this means for treatments. Dr Julie Brown shares why child injury prevention is so important and the policy changes that have been introduced as a result of her research, and we find out what new information our young researchers are bringing to the field of stroke recovery and autism research. To read the PDF click here.