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During 2012, more than 2,000 people and organisations from every state
and territory supported NeuRA, and we have 44 living Australians making a
gift in their will. Together we are building a healthier and safer community.
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Laurie Cowled, of Queensland, started donating
to NeuRA in 2005, and has supported Australian
female PhD students, such as Rachel McBrain, to
study Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases for five
years. Laurie has left a bequest to fund her Cowled
Foundation, which in turn will foster the career of our
most talented female researchers for years to come.
“I am keen to nurture these young women scientists,
who will go on to become researchers of brain disorders
that currently affect large sections of the community.”
Reg Ryan, of Waverley, has pledged to donate his
brain to the Sydney Brain Bank, and has been a
financial donor since 2006.
“I can see the problems in medical science of getting
proper samples and getting people to volunteer to
participate in trials and that sort of thing. So I’m quite
happy to support it and encourage it.”
In 2012, The Coopers Brewery Foundation, of Adelaide,
supported NeuRA by contributing to the costs of MRI
scans involved in our early detection of Parkinson’s
disease research.
“We are happy to be involved in this study which aims to
develop an early objective test, so that other people don’t
have to go through what Jeff did to get diagnosed.”
Cheryl and Jeff Taylor, seen here with
Assoc Prof Kay Double.
Doug Mitchell, Joan Heaney and John Muddle
attend events of the Phyllis Luker Society, our bequest
program, in Sydney. Each has decided to leave a
bequest to NeuRA. Doug and John’s wives and Joan’s
brother died of neurodegenerative disorders.
“It is only through medical research that answers to
these diseases could be found. I don’t want to see this
happen to anyone else!”
John Muddle