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Paul V Brassil
Prof Peter R Schofield
Executive Director and CEO
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Gains in modern medical research mean that people
now live longer than they have at any point in our
history. As medicine’s capacity to treat and cure
infectious diseases and systemic diseases such as
heart disease and cancer improves, we will enter a
phase in human history where neurodegenerative
diseases will be the main cause of death and disability.
Since its establishment 20 years ago, NeuRA
has continually grown and adapted and this is
important to us in remaining one of Australia’s
leading medical research institutes. Along with the
impressive gains in our physical environment, our
researchers continue to make remarkable inroads to
understanding the causes of and developing treat-
ments for some of our most devastating diseases.
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NeuRA’s capacity to discover, conquer and cure the health challenges facing our generation,
and those of our children and their children, is the greatest it has ever been.
These milestones include identifying the very
first signs of Alzheimer’s disease; the creation of
digital apps to help clinicians and GPs assess falls in
older people; insights into how our muscles fatigue;
a paradigm shift in how we view the schizophrenic
brain; and an exciting new international collaboration
looking at a protein instrumental in Parkinson’s
disease. You can read more about these in the Profile.
The size and scope of our new building is a sign
of the predicted burden that diseases and disorders of
the brain and nervous system will have on humanity.
We can now engage in cutting-edge research and
bring together the best minds in science to address
these conditions. Our new clinic and interview rooms,
laboratories, research spaces and collaboration zones
will unite our research themes and allow for synergies
in thinking, methodology and problem-solving.
We have organised this Profile to highlight
our research as it relates to you: your memory;
your body; your nervous system; your mental health;
and your brain.
This is the research that matters to you, and
with your help and support we can continue to conquer
the health challenges of today, and cure the health
challenges of tomorrow.
Paul V Brassil
Prof Peter R Schofield,