NeuRA Profile 2014 - page 4

NeuRA’s capacity to tackle society’shealthchallenges is thegreatest
it has ever been. The sizeand scopeof our new research facilityare
indicativeof theburdenbraindiseaseswill haveonhumanity into
the future –unlesswecanbring together thebestminds in science
andmedicine.With thisnew facility, wearedoingexactly that.
Through theopeningof theMargareteAinsworthBuilding,
wecontinue toengage in front-line research to tackle themany
neurological, psychiatricandpsychological diseases anddisorders
affectingour community.
Our clinical facilities and interview rooms, research laboratories,
sharedequipment andcollaborationzonesallow for synergies in
thinking,methodologyandproblem-solving. Through thisstrategic
development, newdiscoveries andnewknowledgewill providean
investment in the future thatwill have far-reachingbenefits for
societyas awhole.Our strategicaimswill driveprogressby
buildingonour strengths andachievements and securingnew
Of significance toNeuRA’s research strategy isour resolve to
advancediagnostic techniques suchas imaging, genetic testing
and the identificationof biologicalmarkers so thatwecanmore
accuratelydefinegroupsof patients anduse thisknowledge to
improve thedevelopment of new treatments.
Wearealsoenteringaneweraof partnership to support exceptional
scienceandpromote translationof research to thecommunity,
accelerate thepaceof improvement inhealth, and stimulategrowth.
This isnot just symbolicbut provides a framework for engagement
withother research institutes, hospitals, universities, andother
agencies, bothnational and international. Itwill speedup the
exchangeof thebest ideas inmedical science, from fundamental
discovery to innovative, preventativeand therapeutic interventions.
Theexchangewill strengthenAustralia’s researchbaseandempower
the scientific community to respond effectively to current and
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