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Themed issueof peer-reviewed journal
wasguest-editedbyProfCyndi ShannonWeickert.
Dr TertiaPurves-Tyson
andPhD studentKatie
Cyndi ShannonWeickert
ona themed issueof
ProfCyndi ShannonWeickert, with
assistance fromDrTertiaPurves-
TysonandKatieAllen, was invitedby
tobring together
acollectionof papers that examine the
influenceof hormones in schizophrenia.
“Itwas a real honour tobeasked to
do this,” saysProf ShannonWeickert.
“It’s timely toconsider theeffect of sex
hormoneson schizophreniagiven the
recent successof ourCASSI clinical trial.
Becausewehad thisbreakthrough, we’ve
gathered together recent studies that
examinehow sexhormones are involved
andhowwecanbetter utilise them.”
Thearticles in the special issuecovered
everything frombasic research to
clinical studies andoffered insights
intohowhormones contribute to
molecular andbehavioural changes
in schizophrenia. Althoughestrogens
have received themost attention,
it hasbecomeclear that testosterone
important role in schizophreniaand
themodulationof symptoms.
Harnessing thesehormonesmay
lead toadjunctive therapies, especially
targetingcognitive symptoms,
whicharecurrently themost disabling
anduntreatedaspect of schizophrenia.
Themed issuesof journals, whichare
often frequentlycited, tend togarner
moreattention from their readership,
which includesnot just schizophrenia
researchersbut neuroscientists,
psychiatrists andclinicians from
around theworld.
This special issue informed the
schizophrenia researchcommunity
of important studieswhichmayguide
the focus for future research.
It’s timely toconsider
theeffect of sexhormones
on schizophreniagiven
the recent successof our
CASSI clinical trial.
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