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Good Practice for Child Injury Prevention

Trampoline parks are emerging as a new source of injury to Australian children and NeuRA partnered with NSW Health and KidSafe to support and advocate for the development of a new Australian Standard governing the design and management of these systems.

The Interplay of Art and Science

Last week, esteemed Scientia Professor George Paxinos AO, author of the world-renowned brain atlas series, visited local artist Lada Dedić. Lada is an avid admirer of the brain, often using MRI scans and other brain images as the inspiration for her pieces. She uses needlepoint and tapestry to recreate these pictures of the brain artistically. Professor Paxinos was impressed with not only the beauty of the images but with their accuracy. “Lada, you have made the brain even more beautiful!” Prof Paxinos said. The two discussed many topics surrounding the interplay of science and art, sharing their passion and enthusiasm…

Preventing falls among older people

Today Dr Daina Sturnieks was invited onto ABC Radio National to speak on the amazing work being done by the Falls Prevention Lab. It’s estimated at least a third of people aged over 65 around the world suffer a fall every year, with horrible consequences, which sometimes include death. Dr Daina Sturnieks went on to talk about why our risk of falling increases with age and her research into how falls can be prevented.     ABC link    

Distinguished Professors Meet at NeuRA to Continue Atlas Project

Last week NeuRA was very lucky to be visited by the esteemed Professor Charles Watson AM, who is Scientia Prof George Paxinos AO’s longest colleague, friend and also the co-author on the distinguished Brain Atlas series the two have worked on for over 40 years. The Brain Atlas project has been a labour of love that has allowed scientists, researchers, surgeons and enthusiasts to navigate through the brain with extreme precision and grace for years, one atlas, in particular, the Rat Brain Atlas is the most referenced piece of work within the neuroscience field. And although many researchers have participated in many novel…

Professor Broe AM Appointed to Expert Advisory Committees

Our resident professor of ageing and dementia with a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Prof Tony Broe AM has recently been appointed to, an expert advisory committee for the NHMRC in a Targeted Call for Research aimed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healthy Ageing, as well as, consultant to the NSW Government on the Aboriginal Aged Care Action Plan proposal. These appointments are clear recognition of his great work in Healthy Ageing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Within NHMRC position, Tony will drive a campaign that aims to develop and grant more funding to projects that research from…

All Sensation is Not Lost in Thoracic Spinal Cord Injuries

Researchers from Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), have found surviving sensory nerve connections in areas of no sensation in 50% of people living with complete thoracic spinal cord injuries.