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We need to talk about the bad science being funded

The reproducibility crisis in science tarnishes public belief and has serious consequences for governments and philanthropic agencies that fund research, writes NeuRA Deputy Director Prof Simon Gandevia.

Moving on from ultrasound: the new way to measure muscles

Recent advancements in imaging technology have allowed researchers to more accurately measure muscle fibres using diffusion tensor imaging instead of ultrasound.

Ageing and Dementia in Aboriginal Australians project

The Ageing and Dementia in Aboriginal Australians project examines how to implement evidence-based dementia prevention programs in urban and regional Aboriginal communities.

NHMRC Research Excellence Award for Dr Kim Delbaere

Dr Kim Delbaere has been awarded a highly competitive Career Development Fellowship from the National Health and Medical Research Council. The award was presented to her at a formal dinner in Canberra, and recognises the most outstanding mid-career researchers.

Sleep stages affect severity of sleep apnoea

Previous studies indicate that upper airway collapsibility doesn’t change with sleep stage. However, a new study by Dr Jayne Carberry has identified that muscular activity and airway collapsibility are sleep stage dependent.

HIV drug improves white matter integrity in brain

An antiretroviral treatment has had unexpected benefits for HIV+ patients, as revealed in a study by Dr Lucette Cysique.