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Wii Sports restores movement and fitness to people after a stroke

Wii-based Movement Therapy (WMT) not only restores upper limb mobility, but also improves lower limb movement and cardiovascular health in people after a stroke

Early intervention may be possible for Parkinson’s disease

An international study, led by NeuRA researchers, has found early intervention before symptoms start to appear in Parkinson’s disease may be possible.

Key cause of Parkinson’s disease can be treated

A new study that modelled the early stages of Parkinson’s disease has given Australian researchers insight into its causes and a possible treatment.

Congratulations to grant and fellowship recipients

Congratulations to the following NeuRA researchers who have been successful with grant funding and awards.

New view of Alzheimer’s means new target for treatment and prevention

A crucial step in the development of Alzheimer’s disease has been misunderstood. New research from NeuRA has revealed that a crucial protein has a protective effect, rather than toxic, as was previously thought, and opens the door to new treatments.

IQ change in schizophrenia related to brain volume

An imaging study from NeuRA’s Schizophrenia Laboratory has confirmed that changes in IQ in people with schizophrenia are related to reduced volume in the brain, and that brain regions are differently affected.