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Unlocking the Reasons for Chronic Pain

NeuRA Senior Neuroscientists, Dr Sylvia Gustin and Dr James McAuley, are undertaking a brand new research program to unlock information around the reasons for chronic pain.

Errors in child car seat use putting lives at risk, experts warn

Bayleigh McIntosh from Sydney’s east knows the risk if her child car restraint isn’t buckled snug and tight: “If you are in crash you will fall out a window,” the five-year-old said. Properly secured and in the right child car seat for her age, a child like Bayleigh is the safest occupant in the car, said pediatric surgeon Susan Adams, director of surgery with The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. Yet Dr Adams has treated children who were severely injured in “horrific preventable crashes” with broken necks, backs and internal injuries because of errors in how they were restrained. Experts say the…

NeuRA launches virtual Schizophrenia Library

Thursday 18 May 2017: Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) officially launched a new virtual library on mental health called the NeuRA Discovery Portal. Developed to support the community, practitioners, people living with brain-related disorders, and their families, the new online library opens up a world of fresh knowledge.The first virtual library to be launched is the Schizophrenia Library, which appropriately launches during Schizophrenia Week in Australia. Further NeuRA virtual libraries are being developed over the next two years for Bipolar Disorder and Dementia.Developed by NeuRA scientist Dr Sandy Matheson with creative framework in conjunction with Prof Vaughan Carr (Research Unit for Schizophrenia Epidemiology, UNSW School of Psychiatry, St Vincent’s Hospital, and NeuRA), the new online library found at offers thousands…

NeuRA announces Transurban partnership and opens a world class Research Centre for Road Safety in Australia

Friday 12 May 2017: Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) today announced a new research partnership with Transurban launching a dedicated world class research centre for road safety. The Transurban Road Safety Centre was officially opened by the Hon Brad Hazzard MP, NSW Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research. The joint venture brings together Medical Research, Business and Government into a partnership aimed at working together to reduce injury suffered on our roads. “This vital medical research project will better shape road safety priorities and ultimately save more lives – not only on NSW roads but across the country,” Mr…

The Sounds of Silence: the brain attends to quiet gaps in its inputs

Neuroscientists at NeuRA and UNSW Sydney, Australia have shown that the brain may ignore “chatter” in its inputs, and instead use the periods of quiet to make judgements about the environment.

NeuRA Announces 2018 International Motor Impairment Conference in Sydney, Australia

NeuRA to host the first International Motor Impairment Conference in Sydney Australia.