Dr Julie Brown receives 2017 Ramaciotti Health Investment Grant

NeuRA Researcher, Dr Julie Brown, has been awarded the 2017 Ramaciotti Health Investment Grant to support the investigation into the use of comfort accessories and seat modifications by older drivers. The Aged Driver research program will be undertaken at the Transurban Road Safety Centre housed at NeuRA in Randwick NSW with results to be released in mid to late 2018.


By 2050 there will have more people living on the planet over 65 years of age, than under which further confirms the important need to better understand how to keep aged drivers safe in the future to ensure independent living, mobility, and engagement in community activities.

“This study will examine the impact these aids have on crash protection and use the evidence to generate guidelines,” Said Dr Brown.


Transurban Group General Manager NSW Kris Cooney, said Transurban was delighted to partner with NeuRA in undertaking innovative research which he hopes will lead to improvements in safety for all motorists across Australia.


“Transurban is committed to strengthening communities through transport and safety is always our highest priority in delivering benefits to our customers – therefore this partnership is a great fit for our organisation,” said Ms Cooney.

The Aged Driver research program being led by Dr Julie Brown at NeuRA is expected to be released in mid-2018.


This project will resolve these unknown modifications and deliver guidelines for the use of comfort and orthopaedic aids for older people travelling in cars.  These learnings will then be made available for immediate use by occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and clinicians to ensure Australia’s ageing population maintains mobility without increased risk of injury in a crash.