Atlas of the Human Brain wins prestigious prize

NEWS_George Paxinos

Prof George Paxinos

The British Medical Association last night gave the award for “Best Illustrated Book” of 2015 to Atlas of the Human Brain, Fourth Edition, authored by Prof Juergen Mai, Milan Majtanik, and
NeuRA’s Prof George Paxinos. The first edition of the book received The Award for Excellence in Publishing in Medical Science from the Association of American Publishers in 1997.

The awards take place annually to recognise outstanding contributions to medical literature.

The book presents the anatomy of the brain at macroscopic and microscopic levels, featuring different aspects of brain morphology and topography. This greatly enlarged new edition provides the most detailed and accurate delineations of brain structure available.

It was reviewed by Dr Alisdair McNeill, senior clinical fellow in genetics at the University of Sheffield who commented that, “this is a well-presented atlas with beautiful illustrations. It is a comprehensive and very well-illustrated macroscopic and microscopic atlas of human brain”.

Scientists working on human neurological or psychiatric diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia, use Prof Paxinos’ brain atlases, widely considered the most accurate resources for the identification of structures and used in neurosurgical theatres around the world.
“It is a pleasant moment for a scientist when their peers recognise their work,” Prof Paxinos said.