Australia-China scientific exchange

NeuRA PhD student Kristy Tan has been selected as a student ambassador to China as part of an international program to foster collaboration between the two countries.

Kristy’s ambassadorial role is part of the Student Leadership in International Cooperation program established by the Group of Eight universities in Australia and the C9 League of universities in China.

The Go8-C9 alliance aims to promote cooperation between Australian and Chinese universities, in Kristy’s case by creating opportunities for student exchange.
“I believe that this program will provide a knowledge base on how to foster successful collaborations and projects between top Australian and Chinese universities and raise awareness amongst researchers about the benefits of forging affiliations in China,” Kristy says.

“It will also enhance mutual cooperation not only between the universities involved but develop strong relationships to allow for collaboration in social and cultural fields, in addition to academic fields,” she says.

Student ambassadors will spend two weeks visiting Chinese universities, meeting local research groups and presenting information on Australian research.

Kristy is completing her PhD under the supervision of Prof Lynne Bilston at Neuroscience Research Australia and the University of New South Wales. Her project involves characterising the mechanical properties of soft tissues such as abdominal organs, the brain and muscle.