Congratulations to award winners and grant recipients


Paxinos Prize
This award is for the Best Paper Published by a NeuRA Postdoctoral Researcher in 2013. Stu Fillman’s paper Increased inflammatory markers identified in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex of individuals with schizophrenia published in Molecular Psychiatry has been judged the winner.

The Mark Rowe Prize for Neurophysiology
This new award recognising award the contributions to neuroscience of the late Professor Mark Joseph Rowe, Scientia Professor of Physiology, is for the best PhD thesis in Neurophysiology at UNSW.
2012 Anna Hudson for her thesis “Strategies of motor unit recruitment in human inspiratory muscles”
2013 Jocelyn Bowden for her thesis “Sensorimotor changes with age and stroke”

Wakefield Award for Research Supervision in School of Medical Sciences, UNSW
2013 – Olivier Piguet

School of Psychiatry Publication Awards 2012-2013.
Stu Fillman – Gordon Parker Award for best paper by a PhD student
Dipesh Joshi – Leslie Kiloh Award for best paper by a School staff member (university employed or conjoint)

Stroke Society of Australasia
Angelica Thompson-Butel, Student bursary
Christine Shiner Student bursary

UNSW Student Awards
Katherine Wright – The Exercise Physiology Stage 4 Research Project Prize


A number of awards for scholarships have been made over the past few months.
Australian Postgraduate Award
Felicity Leslie
Ben Rowlands

NHMRC Postgraduate Research Scholarship – Public Health & Health Services
Adrian Treager. Preventing Chronic low back pain.
Hopin Lee. An exploration of the mechanisms underlying a novel pain biology education intervention (Explain pain) in reducing the development of chronic low back pain.

RACP Foundation – RACP Fellows Research Scholarship
Rebekah Ahmed. Eating, autonomic and sexual dysfunction in frontotemporal dementia and motor neuron disease.

Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation – Top-Up Scholarship
Leone Chare. Clinicopathological associations in frontotemporal dementia.
Stephanie Wong. Prefrontal contributions to learning and memory in behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia. (Administered by Macquarie Uni)

Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia – Top-up Scholarship
Rebekah Ahmed. Eating, autonomic and sexual dysfunction in frontotemporal dementia and motor neuron disease.

Schizophrenia Research Institute, A.M. Wood Postgraduate Scholarship for Schizophrenia Research
Yiru Zhang. Neurobiology of cortical thinning in schizophrenia.


Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Foundation – Senior/Principal Research Fellowship
Americo Migliaccio.

ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function
G Egan, M Rosa, J Mattingley, P Robinson, P Sah, G Stuart, M Ibbotson, M Breakspear, A Lowery, E Arabzadeh, George Paxinos, P Martin, S Petrou, U Grunert, E Skafidas, M Garrido, P Mitra, O Sporns, J Victor, T Margrie, M Diamond, G Johnon, D Leopold, J Movshon, H Markram, S Hill. (Administered by Monash University)

MS Research Australia Postdoctoral Fellowship
Phu Hoang.

Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research / Shake it Up Foundation Australia
Nic Dzamko, Glenda Halliday, J Nichols, J Holton, S Murayama. “LRRK2 expression in postmortem brain”

National Stroke Foundation
Christine Shiner. Small Project Grant.
Laura Harris. Honours Research Grant.

NSW Health Aboriginal Injury and Safety Promotion Demonstration Grants
R Ivers, C Sherrington, A Tiedemann, L Keay, Holly Mack, Tony Broe, R Cumming. Fall prevention in older Aboriginal people in NSW. (Administered by The George Institute)

RACP Foundation
James Burrell. Sevier Staff ‘Barry Young’ Research Establishment Fellowship.

Schizophrenia Research Institute
Jan Fullerton. Collaborative Research Agreement.

Judith Jane Mason Foundation
Peter Schofield, William Brooks. Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network – an international collaboration.
Tim Karl. The therapeutic potential of the non-psychoactive plant-derived cannabinoid cannabidiol for Alzheimer’s disease.

NSW Health
Kim Delbaere, Stephen Lord, Daina Sturneiks. Active and Healthy Website.
Stephen Lord. Research Contract. NSW Falls Prevention Network.

Parkinson’s NSW Research Grant
Glenda Halliday. Toll-like 2 receptors on neurons and the spread of Parksinon’s disease in the brain.

Congratulations to all NeuRA recipients.