Collaborate with researchers on healthy ageing in Australia

By 2053, 8.3 million Australians will be aged 65 and over, and 1.6 million people will be aged over 85. This unprecedented demographic shift will result in dramatic changes in the need for health and care services.

An upcoming public symposium on healthy ageing is calling for community input to provide valuable insight into healthy ageing.


NeuRA’s Professor Kaarin Anstey is the keynote speaker at the 2019 Australian Frontiers of Science Symposia focused on ‘redefining healthy ageing together’ from 8-9 April.

Professor Anstey leads an innovative multi-disciplinary team to determine vital community lifestyle solutions that address healthy ageing and dementia in the Australian community.

The Frontiers of Science symposium is bringing researchers from a variety of disciplines and sectors together to share ideas on and solutions to healthy ageing.


The event will enable researchers to engage with members of the public, not as research participants but as collaborators who can add valuable insights into the design and development of research projects.

Dementia and healthy ageing is a significant focus for NeuRA’s ageing research program. Our researchers are identifying evidence-based solutions for reducing the risk of dementia and transforming society to be dementia-friendly.


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