Congratulations to our Grant and Fellowship recipients

Three NeuRA researchers, Prof Glenda Halliday, Prof Stephen Lord and Prof Peter Schofield, have been elected Fellows of the newly-established Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences (AAHMS) which was launched by the Minister for Health, the Hon Sussan Ley in April.

The inaugural President Prof Ian Frazer, said that the new learned academy will draw on the expertise of more than 130 renowned scientists, clinicians and educators to provide the Government with advice on health priorities, mentor the next generation of researchers, and provide a forum for discussion on progress in medical research, with an emphasis on translation of research into practice.

Grants and Fellowship News:

Congratulations to each of the following researchers who have been successful in gaining grant and fellowship support.

Jason Amatoury. Simplified methods for determining the causes and consequences of sleep disordered breathing and sleep disruptions, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence: NeuroSleep.

Jayne Carberry. Prediction of OSA phenotype using simplistic respiratory measures, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence: NeuroSleep.

Nicolas Dzamko. Does VPS35 influence alpha-synuclein pathology in Parkinson’s disease brain? Parkinson’s NSW Research grant.

Susan Adams, Julie Brown, Karen Ziwi, Kathleen Claphan, Erin Simmonds, S Soundappan, Christine Erskine,
Vivian Iasaac. Development of NSW/Australian Child Safety Good Practice. NSW Health – Kids and Families Paediatric Injury Research.

Julie Brown, Lynne Bilston, Kirsten McCaffery. Evidence based guidelines for the provision of informative material with child restraints as a countermeasure to incorrect use of restraints. Transport for New South Wales Contract research.

Julie Brown, Susan Adams, Chris Mulligan, Lisa Keay, Rebecca Ivers, Kirsty Coxon. The development and piloting of functional assessment tools for staging physical, cognitive and perceptual attributes of children related to the task of riding powered off-road vehicles. NSW Health – Kids and Families Paediatric Injury Research.

Tertia Purves-Tyson, Cyndi Shannon Weickert, Simon Killcross, Tasnim Rahman. Brain Sciences Collaborative PhD Grants-in-Aid.

Justine Gatt, Richard Bryant, Melissa Green, Rebecca Alexander. Brain Sciences Collaborative PhD Grants-in-Aid.


The NeuRA Foundation team have been active in working with researchers to secure funding from the various trusts and foundations, including:

Nic Dzamko. Exploiting the genetics underlying Parkinson’s disease to identify earlier means of diagnosis and new treatment opportunities. Rising Star Research Program, Anonymous Foundation.

James Burrell, Manaal Fatima. Funding to support Motor Neurone Disease research. Marian & E.H. Flack Trust.

Tim Karl. Provision of infrastructure for preclinical research into neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders, Ian Potter Foundation Medical Research Grant.


Jerzy Zieba. The effect of lifestyle choices (i.e. diet and exercise) on schizophrenia, Schizophrenia Research Institute AM Wood Postgraduate Research Scholarship.

Manaal Fatima. Spread of pathology in motor neuron disease, Australian Postgraduate Award.

Alexandra Hall. Increasing correct use of child restraint systems in culturally and linguistically diverse populations in Australia, Australian Postgraduate Award.

Tanvir Ahmed. Examination of the effects of a unilateral prosthesis on vestibular plasticity using the tilted mouse model, Australian Postgraduate Award.

Sophie Carter. Postgraduate Research Top Up Scholarship, NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence: NeuroSleep.