Do you want to reduce your risk of dementia?

Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) will be hosting a FREE seminar on dementia at Mittagong RSL on Monday, 3 September from 10:00am-1.00pm. The event includes a series of four short seminars and a question and answer panel where audience participation is encouraged.

The health, economic and personal impact of dementia is staggering. In Australia, there are over 1,500 new cases of dementia diagnosed each week. It’s predicted that there will be almost one million Australians with the condition by 2050 and this will impact 10 times as many family members and friends. This unprecedented demographic shift will result in dramatic changes in the need for health and care services. It also highlights the critical need for preventative health approaches and intervention to enable older adults to retain their independence.

This seminar by NeuRA is a timely opportunity to hear from leading Australian researchers about strategies to reduce the risk of dementia, as well as the latest in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease research, steps to prevent falls and gain better balance in senior years and tips for improving driver safety as we age.

Understanding the lifestyle solutions that can help us reduce our risk of dementia is important for all seniors as they age, and should also be considered across a broader demographic.

“Retirement planning should encompass healthy ageing at all ages – it’s too late to start thinking about this in your retirement,” says Professor Kaarin Anstey, who leads NeuRA’s innovative multidisciplinary team addressing ageing research at NeuRA.

“Whether you are middle-aged or have recently been diagnosed with dementia, putting an ageing well plan into action, including lifestyle and exercise, dietary planning, social engagements and looking after your sleep, will be beneficial,” says Professor Anstey.

The seminar series will address the steps you need to take to reduce your risk of dementia.




Talks (L-R)

Associate Professor Julie Brown – Staying safer on the road for longer

Dr Daina Sturnieks –Information to help prevent a fall and gain better balance

Dr Bill Brooks –The latest research into Alzheimer’s disease

Nicole Ee – How to reduce your risk of dementia

What you will learn
Learn how to reduce risks around dementia. Find out why strength and balance exercises are so important as we age and find out the top tips for reducing your risk of falls. We will also share advice on how to keep safer on the road for longer as we grow older.

Mittagong RSL
Corner of Old Hume Highway and Bessemer Street
NSW 2575

Monday 3 September 10.30 – 12.30
Morning tea served from 10am

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