Dr Julie Brown honoured with NHMRC Research Excellence Award

NeuRA would like to congratulate Senior Research Fellow, Dr Julie Brown, who was last night honoured with a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Research Excellence Award in Canberra.

Each year NHMRC provides over $800 million in funding for health and medical research in Australia. Awards are presented to the individuals or team leaders who were ranked by expert peer reviewers at the top of the list of applications to each NHMRC grant scheme in 2016.

Joining NeuRA in 2005, Dr Brown has focussed her research on  translatable injury prevention solutions.  Injury is one of the world’s leading public health problems, killing over 5 million people each year, and leaving many more millions of people with long term disability. By 2020, road traffic injuries are predicted to become the third leading contributor to the global burden of disease. Dr Brown’s vision through this research is to prevent road crash-related injury to children, the elderly, and motorcyclists by improving the performance of protective equipment.

The Australian health and medical research sector is very strong by international standards and competition for NHMRC funding is intense. The NHMRC awards recognise truly outstanding research and researchers.

Congratulations Dr Brown.


To read more about Dr Brown’s research, click here.