Funding Success for NeuRA Researchers

Researchers from NeuRA have received a total of 5 peer-reviewed research grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), out of a total of $630 million distributed to researcher grant projects across Australia.

The grants have largely been led by innovative and novel approaches to integrating technology-based solutions around prevention and education outcomes.

Commenting on the grants, Professor Peter Schofield Executive Director and CEO of NeuRA says, “NeuRA is looking forward to leading a series of ground breaking programs in neuroscience research under the guidance and awarded projects funded from the NHMRC.

“NeuRA thrives on the challenges of exploring the brain to support discovery, that will one day conquer and cure some of the most debilitating neuroscience diseases and degenerative outcomes of your life.”
“However, grants are becoming more competitive and NeuRA has many critical projects that were not able to be funded by the NHMRC in this round. This puts tremendous pressure on the other very worthy projects and we will continue to seek support, and alternative funding avenues, to ensure we can progress with some of this year’s most critical advancements in neuroscience,” said Professor Schofield.


NeuRA congratulates our researchers for their success in obtaining NHMRC Project Grants:

  • Associate Professor Kim Delbaere, Professor Kaarin Anstey (ANU and to join NeuRA and UNSW in 2018), Associate Professor Judy Proudfoot (BDI), Dr Michele Callisaya (UTas) and Bridianne O’Dea (BDI) were awarded an NHMRC project grant to undertake a novel technology–based program targeting physical, cognitive and mental well-being to maximise fall prevention in older people: an evidence-based multifactorial approach.
  • Associate Professor Jane Butler, Professor Simon Gandevia, Dr Anna Hudson and Professor David McKenzie (POWH) were awarded an NHMRC project grant to study how neural impairment affects respiratory motor function in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and healthy ageing.
  • Professor George Paxinos and Dr Mark Schira (UWgong) were awarded an NHMRC project grant entitled Caress the Detail, which aims to develop A Comprehensive MRI Atlas of the in vivo Human Brain.
  • Associate Professor Melissa Green (NeuRA/UNSW), Professor Vaughan Carr (UNSW/NeuRA), Assoc Professor Kristen Laurens (ACU), Associate Professor Kimberlie Dean (UNSW) and Professor Johanna Badcock (UWA) were awarded an NHMRC project grant to study the developmental schizotypy in the general population: Early risk factors and predictive utility.
  • Professor Ronald Grunstein (Woolcock, USyd), Dr Angela D’Rozario (USyd), Dr Craig Philips (USyd), Dr Keith Wong (USyd), Dr Camilla Hoyos (USyd), Associate Professor Sharon Naismith (USyd), Dr Andrew Vakulin (Flinders) and Associate Professor Danny Eckert (NeuRA) were awarded an NHMRC project grant to study “Local Sleep” in the Awake Brain: An Underlying Cause of Neuro Behavioral Deficits in Sleep Apnoea.


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